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Join the ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture Honor Roll!

This evening, ASLA will fete its major donors to begin a celebration of the official opening of the ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture. Tomorrow, May 17, the doors will be thrown wide open for public and press tours, a lecture on the building will be given by its architect and landscape architect, a local school group will be given a tour while being introduced to the profession, and an evening reception will thank donors and important guests.

All this would not be possible without the contributions, large and small, from people like you. The ASLA Fund would like to thank the following donors to the Campaign for the ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture for their generous support. These ASLA chapters, firms, and individual practitioners have pledged more than $1.24 million to the campaign to convert ASLA’s former headquarters building into the ASLA Center.

Join them! Please help the ASLA Fund meet its goal of $1.5 million by making your pledge today. To learn more about the campaign or to make your pledge now, please visit the website, ASLA Center.

ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture Honor Roll

President’s Society – $50,000 or greater

Sasaki Associates

The Olmsted Society – $25,000 to $49,999
Boston Society of Landscape Architects
Florida Chapter of ASLA
Landscape Forms
Nelson Byrd Woltz
Nievera Williams Landscape Architecture
Office of James Burnett
Potomac Chapter of ASLA
Texas Chapter of ASLA

ASLA Founders Society – $15,000 to $24,999
California Sierra Chapter of ASLA
Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects
Mark A. Focht, FASLA
Illinois Chapter of ASLA
Maryland Chapter of ASLA
Northern California Chapter of ASLA
North Carolina Chapter of ASLA
Oregon Chapter of ASLA
San Diego Chapter of ASLA
Southern California Chapter of ASLA
Washington Chapter of ASLA

Stewardship Society – $5,000 to $14,999
AHBE Landscape Architects
Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Architerra Group
Arquitectonica GEO
Hunter Beckham, FASLA
Janette Blackburn, AIA & Thomas Doolittle, FASLA
Kathryn Blesener & John Royster, FASLA
Burton Landscape Architecture Studio
Clinton and Associates, PC
CMG Landscape Architecture
Clark Condon
Connecticut Chapter of ASLA
Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards
F. Christopher Dimond, FASLA
Fluidity Design Consultants
Georgia Chapter of ASLA
Great Plains Chapter of ASLA
Hart Howerton
Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects
Hord Coplan Macht, Inc.
Indiana Chapter of ASLA
Iowa Chapter of ASLA
James Corner Field Operations
Kentucky Chapter of ASLA
LaGuardia Design Landscape Architecture P.C.
LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects
Louisiana Chapter of ASLA
LRM Ltd Landscape Architecture
Mia Lehrer + Associates
Morgan Dix Wheelock, FASLA
Darwina L. Neal, FASLA
David W. Nelson, ASLA
New Jersey Chapter of ASLA
New York Chapter of ASLA
Northern California Chapter of ASLA
North Carolina Chapter of ASLA
Oklahoma Chapter of ASLA
Ohio Chapter of ASLA
oslund.and.assoc. Inc.
Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter of ASLA
Permaloc Corporation
Quennell Rothschild + Partners
Rae L. Price, FASLA/Peridian International, Inc.
Raymond A. Jungles, Inc.
Reed Hilderbrand
Rios Clementi Hale Studios
Schmidt Design Group
SiteWorks Landscape Architecture
Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA
St. Louis Chapter of ASLA
South Carolina Chapter of ASLA
Studio Outside
SWA Group
SWT Design
Terrain Studio
Ten Eyck Landscape Architects Inc.
Thomas Balsley Associates
Jeffrey A. Townsend, FASLA
Rachel Ragatz Truscott, ASLA and Marq Truscott, FASLA
Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA
Beth Werhrle, ASLA
West 8
Morgan Dix Wheelock, FASLA
Wisconsin Chapter of ASLA
Keith Wilson, ASLA
Pam Zweifel & Richard Zweifel, FASLA

1899 Society – $1,899 to $4,999
Alabama Chapter of ASLA
Alaska Chapter of ASLA
Arizona Chapter of ASLA
Arkansas Chapter of ASLA
Adele Nucho Ashkar, FASLA
Berliner-Seilfabrik Play Equipment Corporation
Blasen Landscape Architecture
Travis Brooks, ASLA
Gary A. Brown, FASLA
Rhonda G. Brown, ASLA
Susan Cahill-Aylward, Hon. ASLA
Matthew O. Carlile, ASLA
Dennis Carmichael, FASLA
CMG Landscape Architecture
James D. Coffman, ASLA
Holly Ann Colello, Associate ASLA
Colorado Chapter of ASLA
Craig Coronato, FASLA
Chad D. Danos, FASLA
Tamas Deak, ASLA
Dirtworks Landscape Architecture, P.C.
Scott V. Emmelkamp, ASLA
Environmental Planning and Design
William L. Flournoy Jr., FASLA
Garland Alliance, Inc.
David Gorden, ASLA
Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd.
Hawaii Chapter of ASLA
Mark H. Hough, FASLA
Hough Beck & Baird
Jean Howard & Perry Howard, FASLA
Hutter Designs, Inc
Stephen Ibendahl, ASLA
Idaho Montana Chapter of ASLA
Iron Age Designs
Dale G. M. Jaeger, FASLA and Robert Jaeger, ASLA
Kenneth J. Kay, FASLA
Roger, Ada, Evan and Katie Kennedy
Steven E. Koch, FASLA
Kornegay Design
Lu Gay Lanier, FASLA
Curtis LaPierre, ASLA
Charlene M. LeBleu, FASLA
Julia M. Lent, Hon. ASLA, & Patrick Lent
Pamela Lester, ASLA & Robert J. Golde, FASLA
Pamela Linn, FASLA, & Kurt Zimmerman, AIA
Ann Looper, Hon. ASLA, & Greg Pryor
Randall Mardis, ASLA
Daniel Martin, Affiliate ASLA
Eugenia M. Martin, FASLA
Timothy W. May, ASLA
McKay Landscape Architects
Bradford McKee & Brian Cusick
Elizabeth K. Meyer, FASLA
Michael Vergason Landscape Architects
Michigan Chapter of ASLA
Mikyoung Kim Design
Minnesota Chapter of ASLA
Mississippi Chapter of ASLA
Morrow Reardon Wilkinson Miller, Ltd.
Jonathan Mueller, FASLA and Nancy J. Mueller
Ann Mullins, FASLA
Susan Nelson, ASLA & Warren Byrd, FASLA
Nevada Chapter of ASLA
New Mexico Chapter of ASLA
New York Upstate Chapter of ASLA
NUVIS Landscape Architects
Emily M. O’Mahoney, ASLA
Jackie Owens, ASLA
April Philips Design Works, Inc.
Victoria Phillipy, Affiliate ASLA, Phillipy + Co
Andrew P. Pittner, ASLA
Martin Poirier, FASLA
Prairie Gateway Chapter of ASLA
Rhode Island Chapter of ASLA
Rhodeside & Harwell, Incorporated
Patti & Jim Richards, FASLA
Vaughn B. Rinner, FASLA
RKLA Studio
Steven N. Rodie, FASLA
Tom Ryan, FASLA
Rusty Saunders, ASLA
Savanna Designs
Savino & Miller Design Studio
Juanita Shearer-Swink, FASLA & Rodney Swink, FASLA
Stephen A. Shurtz, FASLA
Adrian L. Smith, ASLA
Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects
Stanley Design Group
Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners, PLLC
Stephen Stimson Associates
Ellen C. Stewart, ASLA, & Katherine Jedrzejek
Mark Steyaert, Jr., ASLA
Kara & Thomas Tavella, FASLA
Tennessee Chapter of ASLA
Jeanine M. Thompson, ASLA
Towers Golde, LLC
John S. Troy, ASLA
University of California Davis Student Chapter of ASLA
Utah Chapter of ASLA
Van Atta Associates
Vermont Chapter of ASLA
Virginia Chapter of ASLA
Karl Von Bieberstein, FASLA
Wenk Associates
West Virginia Chapter of ASLA
Kay Williams, FASLA
If you have questions about how you donate to the campaign, please contact Ron Sears, Director of Resource Development and Stakeholder Relations at or give him a call at (202) 216-2369.

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