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ASLA Hosts 2017 Public Awareness Summit to Plan Outreach Efforts

Sierra Chapter Trustee Dalton LaVoie (left) and President-elect Andrew Wickham share details of their successful Park-in-a-Pod program.

The American Society of Landscape Architects hosted its annual public awareness summit January 6 through 8, 2016, in Savannah, Georgia, convening representatives from 47 of ASLA’s 49 chapters. Each year ASLA hosts a summit to share ideas, skills, and resources to effectively promote the profession nationally and locally and to coordinate public awareness campaigns in the coming year.

Michael Stanley, ASLA VP of communication, welcomed the summiteers to the conference and explained what ASLA hoped to accomplish during the weekend. Terry Poltrack, ASLA director of public relations and communications, then reported the results of the public awareness campaign to date, including a very successful 2016.

Karen Trimbath-Grajales, manager of public relations, also discussed the basics of public relations and interacting with the media in 2017. Matthew Copp, ASLA, Mississippi Chapter of ASLA, followed Trimbath-Grajales by discussing the success his chapter had with earning media coverage of it events and public awareness efforts.

Two other chapter representatives also presented public awareness successes they had in 2016. Lindsay Nelson, ASLA, Michigan Chapter of ASLA, explained the process of making a television commercial to promote the chapter and creating a gallery of posters to promote the chapter’s awards program. Additionally, Dalton LaVoie, ASLA, and Andrew Wickham, ASLA, both of the California Sierra Chapter of ASLA, presented their unique Park-in-a-Pod concept to summit attendees.

The chapter representatives also participated in two group discussions on how to build on the World Landscape Architecture Month campaign, and how ASLA can better use resources to serve its chapters’ public awareness needs.

Additionally, J.R. Taylor, public relations and communication coordinator, presented how to utilize analytics and more efficiently use social media.

The summit concluded with a final group discussion about the future public awareness coalition, which will replace the public awareness committee after the ASLA 2017 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. More to come on this.

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