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Icons of Healthcare & Therapeutic Garden Design Interview Series:

Dr. Garuth Chalfont

Daniel Winterbottom, RLA, FASLA

Virginia Burt, FCSLA, FASLA

Julie Moir Messervy, Part 1 and Part 2

Adam E. Anderson, ASLA

Clare Cooper Marcus

Joel Siebentritt, Director of the Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support, part of Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center, Athens, GA

Elizabeth “Leah” Diehl, RLA, HTM

Naomi Sachs, ASLA

PPN-Hosted Webinars

In the Wake of the Pandemic: How Has COVID-19 Shaped the Design of Greens Spaces in Healthcare Facilities?

A Conversation with Virginia Burt, FCSLA, FASLA

2018 Healthcare and Therapeutic Design PPN Meeting Recap

Nature, Healing, and Creativity: Therapeutic Landscape Design Practice in the United States and Overseas
Landscape architects and designers know that nature has powerful potential to heal people’s bodies, minds, and spirits. Therapeutic garden design in healthcare facilities is creating functional spaces where people can access the healing power of nature in hospitals. The 2018 ASLA Annual Meeting’s Healthcare and Therapeutic Design Professional Practice Network (PPN) Meeting was held in Philadelphia on October 20 to discuss the topic of nature, healing, and creativity in healing garden design.

Health Benefits of Nature

ASLA's Health Benefits of Nature guide includes information specifically on children. Topics covered include: ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cognition, Depression, General Health, Nature Deficit Disorder, Obesity, Stress, Type II Diabetes, and Well-being.

Therapeutic Landscape Research Initiative (TLRI) (2009)

The TLRI is a source for information on research related to therapeutic garden benefits and the application of this research to the planning and design of therapeutic landscapes.


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