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Building the Future of Landscape BIM: A Look at the 2023 BIMForum LOD Spec and Beyond
ASLA’s BIM Working Group, part of Digital Tech PPN, collaborated with BIMForum to refine Landscape LOD for 2023 Spec. Presenters discussed updates, offered insights, and highlighted potential landscape elements for 2024 specifications.
April 2024

Utilizing AI-Generated Image Assets in Visualization and Branding
Explore the transformative power of AI in landscape architecture. Discover how generative AI can revolutionize your design workflow, from generating distinctive visual assets to integrating it seamlessly into your process, giving you a creative edge like never before.
October 2023

BIM Roundtable with Robert Anderson and Phyllis Zhou
Robert Anderson and Phyllis Zhou discuss their experiences with integrating BIM within their workflows.
July 2021

BIM Roundtable with EDSA and SmithGroup
A discussion and Q&A session with Jack Garcia, Director of Virtual Design and Construction, EDSA, and Keenan Gibbons, Associate, SmithGroup, about how their firms are integrating BIM within practice.
April 2021

Drones 101-1000
Learn introductory knowledge about drones and some advanced use cases in the field of landscape architecture. Presenters will discuss the necessary hardware, software, and licensing needed to incorporate drones within your landscape architecture practice.
March 2021

Talking BIM with the ASLA Digital Technology PPN
A conversation with three practitioners on how they found BIM methods that work for them, teach themselves and others, and how they integrate it into daily practice. BIM can improve coordination between an interdisciplinary design team, and help you share data, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency. Hear how these practitioners are influencing BIM methodologies in their firms, followed by Q&A.
October 2019

ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

"Putting AI to Work: Practical Applications of AI in Landscape Architecture" at ASLA 2023 in Minneapolis
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Recap on The Field

ASLA Online Learning: PPN-Hosted Webinars for PDH

Presentations offering Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES)-approved professional development hours (PDH) hosted by the Digital Technology PPN:

Combatting the Heat Island Effect with UAV Thermal Imaging - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)


ASLA members get discounts on landscape architecture and planning software provided by firms such as Keysoft, Land F/X, and Vectorworks. ASLA has also reviewed free and open-source software available to landscape architects, and provided links to download.

Landscape Architecture Magazine: Tech Articles

Small Firm, Big Leap / by Aidan Ackerman, ASLA
July 2021

The Scripted Surface / by Jessica Canfield, ASLA
November 2020

Bona Fide BIM / by Aidan Ackerman, ASLA
December 2019

Get with the Program: Software and Technology Trends in Landscape Architecture / Benjamin H. George, ASLA, and Peter Summerlin, ASLA
November 2019

Live and Learn / by Mimi Zeiger
February 2019

Models of Collaboration / by Kevan Klosterwill
November 2017

BIM There, Done That / by Brian Barth
August 2017

Disrupting the Park Bench / by Brian Barth
July 2017

More Than Toys / by Daniel Tal, ASLA
March 2017

Infinite Mapping / by Brian Barth
January 2017


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