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ASLA’s Transportation PPN is a forum for landscape architecture issues in transportation policy, planning, design and construction. This group is dedicated to sharing information from a variety of sources and building awareness about the contributions of landscape architects in transportation.

Landscape architects have a strong voice in transportation issues and we often bridge the gap between our colleagues in planning and engineering. Our work includes developing policies to support livable communities, planning sustainable transportation systems, designing and building streets to encourage active transportation, support native plant habitat and effectively manage stormwater, advocating for complete streets and roadway safety, and leading projects and public involvement processes to support transportation decision-making.

What does the work of Transportation Landscape Architects look like?

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What are the opportunities for Landscape Architects in Transportation?

Policy Development

  • Strategic Planning
  • Design Guidelines
  • Performance Metrics

Public Outreach

  • Community Workshops and Design Charrettes
  • Design Renderings
  • Public Education Campaigns
  • Social Media and Blogging


  • Multi-Modal Corridor Improvement Plans
  • Transit-Oriented Development Plans
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plans
  • Community Impact Analysis
  • NEPA Documentation
  • Run off Reduction and Watershed Restoration Planning


  • Streetscape Design
  • Greenway and Trail Design
  • Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management Design
  • Soil Conservation and Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Reforestation
  • Wetland and Stream Restoration
  • Wildlife Crossings
  • Roadside Beautification
  • Environmental permitting


  • Landscape inspection
  • Permit Compliance Monitoring
  • Performance Assessment

Our goal is to empower landscape architects to establish stronger roles in transportation projects as innovators, collaborators and leaders.

Our strategies include:

  • Sharing current news, case studies and guidelines to keep members informed of emerging trends and issues.
  • Identifying training, conferences and continuing education opportunities related to transportation policy, planning and design.
  • Supporting and advising ASLA’s advocacy efforts related to transportation legislation, policies and funding.
  • Connecting members with common interests to develop education session proposals for the ASLA Annual Meeting.
  • Discussing transportation issues online via a LinkedIn group.
  • Sharing current events and transportation topics through posts on The Field.
  • Offering webinars through ASLA’s Online Learning program.
  • Providing networking for our members at the Transportation PPN meeting at the ASLA Annual Meeting.

To join the Transportation PPN and receive our quarterly email updates, please contact ASLA Member Services at 888-999-ASLA or If you’re interested in becoming more active in the PPN, please contact our co-chairs using the email addresses listed on the Leadership page.



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