Professional Practice Networks
Healthcare and Therapeutic Design

Healthcare and Therapeutic Design


Promote the concept of therapeutic gardens to administrators, healthcare professionals, and other key-decision makers who are influential in determining the creation of this alternative form of therapy. Collect, compile, and advance state-of-the-art information and research in the specialized practice areas of therapeutic garden design.


  • Recommend ways to communicate the interests of PPN members through seminars, workshops, symposia, publications, etc.
  • Advise ASLA, through the PPN Council, of changing needs in the specialized areas of therapeutic garden design.
  • Increase the visibility of design professionals and healthcare professionals practicing in design and/or development of therapeutic gardens.
  • Monitor and respond to legislation on specific issues to positively effect changes regarding the design and development of therapeutic gardens.
  • Provide a channel of communication for PPN members to promote and lend credibility to information they generate.
  • Develop/communicate state-of-the-art therapeutic garden practices, and distribute research/information relating to shared professional interests.
  • Set standards for therapeutic gardens to assist practitioners and benefit users of these gardens.
  • Distribute current information on therapeutic gardens to PPN members and related associations and organizations.
  • Develop an advisory board of knowledgeable therapeutic garden professionals.
We welcome new members. This is a group of people dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of therapeutic gardens. To join the Healthcare and Therapeutic Design PPN, please contact ASLA Member Services at 888-999-ASLA or If you are looking to become more active and want to share with others, please get in touch with us using the addresses listed on the Leadership page.