ASLA Hosts Webinar on MAP-21's Effect on Landscape Architects


On Thursday October 18, 470 landscape architects tuned in for a one hour ASLA Advocacy webinar “Staying Active on Active Transportation.  Director of Federal Government Affairs Blackwell, Caron Whitaker from American Bikes, and Jeannie Martin, ASLA, from the Ohio Chapter, provided an update on how the new transportation bill, MAP-2,1 will affect how landscape architects are able to access  active transportation programs to plan and design recreational trails, streetscape improvements, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and other critical community improvement projects.  Below are links to a recording of the webinar, and links to the powerpoint slides for those who were unable to join the webinar. 

For more information on MAP-21 please visit ASLA's MAP-21 Issue Brief

Click here to view the webinar 

Click here to view  the powerpoint slides.


Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

JR Taylor
PR Coordinator