ASLA Sends Letter to President Obama’s Commission on BP oil spill


ASLA Executive Vice President/ CEO Nancy Somerville, Hon.  ASLA, today sent a letter to former Senator Bob Graham, Hon.  ASLA, applauding the efforts of President Obama’s Commission on the BP oil spill to work quickly on a remediation and mitigation strategy for affected areas along the Gulf Coast.  Retired Sen. Graham (FL) and former EPA Administrator William Reilly are serving as co-chairs of the newly formed independent commission. The letter highlights the expertise of landscape architects in site remediation and offers the expertise of the Society and its members in helping the Commission address the ecological and economic ramifications of this catastrophe.  ASLA staff will continue to monitor the efforts of the Commission and our members active in the region will remain ready to assist the Commission and the residents of the Gulf Coast as they continue to fight the effects of the spill.

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Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

JR Taylor
PR Coordinator