Perlmutter Re-Introduces Green Resources for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods (GREEN) Act

ASLA Government Affairs


Representative Ed Perlmutter (CO) sent out a press release yesterday announcing the reintroduction of his GREEN Act (Green Resources for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods) in the House of Representatives. ASLA EVP/CEO Somerville was quoted in the press release in support of the legislation.

“As Americans face extraordinary energy costs, the GREEN Act incorporates landscape architecture practices like site planning, targeted tree plantings and other green infrastructure techniques that will not only lower monthly utility bills, but lay the groundwork for more healthy, sustainable communities around the country,” said Nancy Somerville, Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Society of Landscape Architects. “Congressman Perlmutter’s forward-thinking legislation will make affordable and sustainable housing accessible to everyone.”

HR 2336, The GREEN Act provides incentives to lenders and financial institutions to provide lower interest loans and other benefits to consumers, who build, buy or remodel their homes and businesses to improve their energy efficiency and use of alternative energy. The bill includes a provision to require the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to consult with ASLA in providing sustainable practices such as green roofs, tree canopy coverage, and site planning and green space techniques for the housing units to become more energy efficient.

 “This legislation proves that it is easy to be green.  This bill helps revitalize our economy by making energy efficiency practices more affordable, accessible and achievable by consumers, businesses and government entities.  By prioritizing energy efficiency practices, we can ease the woes of homeowners, lenders, financial markets, builders and our environment,” said Congressman Ed Perlmutter.

Perlmutter’s GREEN Act passed the House of Representatives in the 110th Congress as part of HR 6899, the Comprehensive Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act in September 2008. However, the Senate did not take action on this legislation.  This year, the reintroduced GREEN Act, (H.R. 2336) is assigned to the House Financial Services Committee, to which Perlmutter belongs, and a hearing on the bill is likely to take place later this summer.


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