No Child Left Inside Act (H.R. 3036) Passes on Floor of the House

ASLA Government Affairs


ASLA is pleased to announce that H.R. 3036, the No Child Left Inside Act (not to be confused with No Child Left Behind) has passed by a vote of 293 – 109 on September 18 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Thanks to the diligent efforts from the landscape architecture community, more than 1,180 messages were sent through ASLA’s Advocacy Network to Members of Congress. These messages of support for H.R. 3036 undoubtedly contributed to its passage.

The No Child Left Inside Act, sponsored by Representative John Sarbanes (MD), offers states incentives to develop Environmental Literacy Plans and integrate environmental education across their K-12 curriculums. It also increases funding for teacher training to ensure that teachers have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver high quality environmental education.  Such curricula would use the local environment as an extension of the classroom.  The No Child Left Inside Act would ensure that schools have the resources and training necessary to help the next generation understand and address the challenges of protecting the environment. 

ASLA has actively advocated for passage of this legislation, working with fellow members of the No Child Left Inside Coalition, a coalition comprised of more than 700 environmental, educational, business, health care and other organizations from 50 states, representing more than 40 million people.  

ASLA will continue to work with the NCLI Coalition until this important legislation is passed in both chambers of Congress and signed into law.


Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

JR Taylor
PR Coordinator