ASLA Announces 2023 Student Awards

Thirty Student Award winners represent a bright future for the landscape architecture profession

ExpoASLA 2023 Student General Design Award of Excellence. Reviving Yanomami Rights: Plant Matrix for Mercury Management. Zimeng Chen, Student Int'l ASLA; Yingjie Hu, Student Int'l ASLA; Yuxin Jiang; Yunshan Wan, Student Int'l ASLA; Gui Wei, Student Int'l ASLA; Zhengfei Yan, Student Int'l ASLA; Shiqian Yang; Faculty Advisor: Cundong Li; Shanghai Jiao Tong University;Sichuan University;Southeast University;China Architecture Design & Research Group

Today the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced its 2023 Student Awards. Winners showcase innovation and represent the highest level of achievement among the future of the profession. All winners and their schools are listed below.

Jury panels representing a broad cross-section of the profession, from the public and private sectors, and academia, select winners each year and are listed below. The 30 winners were chosen out of 372 entries.

“I’m always excited to see the winners of the student awards because of the range of creativity, especially in the area of  community engagement which is the future of our profession,” said ASLA President Emily O’Mahoney, FASLA. “This year’s winners are dedicated to making landscapes more accessible to more people and helping communities grapple with the climate and biodiversity crises.”

“These award winners are the brightest stars in landscape architecture programs around the country and internationally,” said ASLA CEO Torey Carter-Conneen. “When I visit campuses, I’m so impressed and energized by the way our students are committed to helping communities solve some of the biggest challenges. The projects represented in these awards speak to that commitment.”

Award recipients will be honored in person at the awards presentation ceremony during the ASLA 2023 Conference on Landscape Architecture in Minneapolis, MN., October 27-30. Media are invited to attend; please email for credentials.

Members of the media please contact to request hi-res images.

Award Categories

General Design

Award of Excellence
Reviving Yanomami Rights: Plant Matrix for Mercury Management
Shanghai Jiao Tong University;Sichuan University;Southeast University;China Architecture Design & Research Group

Honor Award
A Self-Help Plan Based on Productive Green Space Systems
Huazhong Agricultural University

Honor Award
Re(de)fining Decomposition
University of Virginia

Honor Award
The Oasis of Baer's Pochard : Humanity in Harmony with Wetlands
Wuhan University/ Huazhong Agricultural University

Residential Design

Honor Award
Gentrification Vaccine: a pioneering housing paradigm for Long Beach
Sichuan Agricultural University

Honor Award
From Shelter to Home
University of Oregon

Urban Design

Honor Award
Harvest the Wind: Reshaping Urban Heat Island Through Urban Farming
Soochow University & Louisiana State University

Honor Award
The Gift of Volcanoes
Chongqing University; Milan Polytechnic University; University College London

Analysis & Planning

Honor Award
Hydrological Enclave: Adaptive Management of Non-water Supply Reservoir
University of Hong Kong

Honor Award
Retrieve the Lost Treasure: Forest Rehabilitation in Madagascar
Southeast University

Honor Award
Confrontation or Symbiosis
Northeast Forestry University, Tongji University

Honor Award
Designing Healthy Places in the American South: Montezuma, Georgia
University of Georgia

Honor Award
Design Tactics for Climate-Based Migration in Biodiversity Corridors
North Carolina State University

Student Collaboration

Award of Excellence
On the Edge: a Climate Adaptive Park for the Battleship NC Memorial
North Carolina State University

Honor Award
Dynamic Roots
North Carolina State University

Honor Award
Caretakers + Placemakers of New Orleans
Louisiana State University


Honor Award
Art (that) Worlds: Design Guidelines for Equitable Public Art
Kansas State University

Honor Award
Walk to Learn: Exploratory Children's Field Journal for Epping Way
Mississippi State University

Honor Award
Point of Confluence: Re-thinking Large Landscape Infrastructure Design
University of Southern California

Honor Award
Children's Book and Learning Games on Indiana Native Plants & Habitats
Purdue University

Honor Award
The UC Davis Sheepmowers Project
University of California, Davis


Award of Excellence
The Play Value of Plants
Texas Tech University

Honor Award
Advancing Trauma-Informed Landscape Architecture
North Carolina State University

Honor Award
Designing Spectrums
Cornell University

Honor Award
Equity in Landscape Architecture: Black Students’ Perspectives
Kansas State University

Honor Award
Built on Thawing Ice: Socio-Ecological Design in a Warming Arctic City
University of Virginia

Honor Award
Toward Dynamic Optimization: Combining AI and EBHDL for the Elderly
South China Agricultural University

Honor Award
Unearthing Water Efficiency: Clay Pot Irrigation Design & Fabrication
University of Oregon

Student Community Service

Award of Excellence
Rooted in Resiliency
Iowa State University

Honor Award
Collaboration & Sharing: Promoting Healthy Life in a Low-Income Community
Anhui University

The 2023 Student Awards Jury includes:

Jury 1 - General Design, Residential Design, Urban Design & Student Collaboration    
Chair: Michael Grove, FASLA, Sasaki

Haley Blakeman, FASLA, LSU
David Jung, FASLA, AECOM
Adriana Hernández Aguirre, ASLA,  Coleman & Associates
Christina Hite, ASLA, Dix-Hite
Ellen Stewart, ASLA, City of St Paul
Mark Yoes, FAIA, W X Y architecture + urban design

Jury 2–Analysis & Planning, Communications, Research & Student Community Service

Chair: Kofi Boone, FASLA, NC State University

Keven Graham, FASLA, Terra Engineering
Dalton LaVoie, ASLA, Stantec
Stephanie Onwenu, ASLA, Detroit Collaborative Design
Naomi Sachs, ASLA, University Maryland / Therapeutic Landscape Network
Andrew Sargeant, ASLA, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress


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