Licensure Defense in Louisiana

After ASLA National and LCASLA worked together, the bill underwent significant revision and all deregulation provisions were removed.

Elizabeth Hebron


In recent weeks, ASLA has worked with the Louisiana Chapter (LCASLA) to defeat two concerning pieces of state legislation on the issue of licensure.

On April 22, the Louisiana House was poised to consider HB 959. This bill aimed to deregulate various professions, including landscape architecture. In response, ASLA National and LCASLA worked together to:

  • Craft a comment letter
  • Initiate an iAdvocate campaign
  • Start conversations with state legislators

Ultimately, the bill underwent significant revision, and all deregulation provisions were removed.

The State Government Affairs team also collaborated with LCASLA to address another concerning legislative proposal, SB 456. This bill proposed a sunset review process that would automatically terminate all boards and commissions by July 1, 2029, unless the entity was reviewed and approved by a new Review Commission.

Responding swiftly, a comment letter of opposition was crafted and promptly dispatched to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and International Affairs, and the Chapter was prepared to testify in opposition. However, given the amount of opposition to the bill, the sponsor withdrew the bill.

All Chapters are encouraged to remain vigilant and proactively educate state legislators on the health, safety, and welfare impacts of landscape architecture. ASLA provides resources for hosting State Advocacy Days and Site Tours. The State Government Affairs team is available to discuss any member concerns related to legislation or policy.


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