ASLA Hosts Green Roof Briefing and Reception as Part of High Performance Building Week in DC


On June 16, ASLA hosted over 60 Congressional, Administration and affiliated organization staff for a Congressional Briefing and Green Roof Reception. As a member of the High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition, ASLA hosted the event as part of High Performance Building Week, which is aimed at raising the awareness of the benefits high performing, energy efficient buildings provide and policies that aid in this effort.

Featuring a presentation by ASLA Executive Vice President/CEO Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA, the briefing emphasized the benefits of green roofs and other green infrastructure techniques and how these techniques contribute to the overall performance of buildings.  Somerville also highlighted the importance of green infrastructure techniques, like green roofs, rain gardens, permeable pavements and others in dealing with critical water quality issues, carbon sequestration, and urban heat island effect.  She shared how ASLA’s green roof has lowered heating and cooling costs, decreased the building temperature, and serves as a resource for those interested in learning more about green roofs.

Roxanne Blackwell, ASLA’s Manager Federal Government Affairs, then emphasized the importance of passing HR 4202, the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act of 2009. This bill would help states, cities, and other qualified entities to plan, design, and implement green infrastructure solutions to address stormwater runoff and other water quality and quantity issues. 

To learn more about HR 4202 and the benefits of green infrastructure, visit ASLA’s Green Infrastructure Campaign.

Photo slideshow of the Congressional Briefing and Green Roof Reception.

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Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

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