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“The biggest value of my membership and participation in ASLA is the opportunity to build relationships with my colleagues in the industry. Landscape Architecture is a close-knit community, and ASLA affords us the venue to share ideas, celebrate accomplishments, and collectively advocate for the advancement of the profession.”

– Greg Miller, FASLA

“I was active in ASLA as a student, and have continued to be during my professional career. It is something that has given me the chance to "give back" to my profession - through my advocacy efforts on behalf of the chapter on Capitol Hill to recognizing achievements as coordinator of our chapters awards program. In both big and small ways, my membership in ASLA has been an integral part of my professional career, providing me with numerous opportunities to network and enhance my credibility as a professional. I choose to be a member of ASLA, as it is the only organization 100 percent dedicated to advancing our profession.”

– Scott Siefker, FASLA

“My main reason for joining ASLA is to show a dedication to my profession. Not only to you give, promote and engage with your profession there is a certain stewardship that is shown by giving back to what has built you.”

– Natalie Garrett, ASLA

“I have put a lot of time and money into developing my career (Under graduate degree, graduate school, internships, and LARE.) I want to protect that investment. Interests outside the profession have tried to eliminate landscape architecture licensing. The ASLA promotes the profession of landscape architecture. There is a value associated with our training and skills. The ASLA communicates our collective interests to state legislature and congress. The ASLA also promotes the profession to the public. I talk to people about what a landscape architect is and what we do. I can't get the message out to people on the scale that ASLA does however. If a person is a landscape architect they owe it to themselves to become a member of the ASLA.”

– Greg Cuppett, ASLA

“I continue to renew my ASLA membership every year for a number of reasons. However, of all of the advantages I find in involvement with the ASLA, the singular most important to me is the renewal of spirit and purpose it gives me and the conformation of why I am a landscape architect. I have never been to any ASLA meeting, state or national, where I have not left invigorated and with renewed resolve to be better and more committed to what I do as a landscape architect. It is the reminder we all need to continue our personal development and affirms what we are.”

– Thomas Holcombe, ASLA

“I value membership because of the professional network for keeping up with both people and the work they do. I value the idea that there is a “greater good” of the whole as opposed to 15,000 isolated and disconnected voices.”

– Malcolm Cairns, FASLA

“I feel that it’s my duty and responsibility, as a landscape architect, to be a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. There have been many landscape architects that preceded me that laid the groundwork for this wonderful profession. I feel that it is my responsibility to help carry the torch and leave the profession a little better than I found it.”

– EJ Bolduc, ASLA

“In the same way that landscape architects individually and collectively work to serve the land and the people of the land as stewards of the built and natural environment, members of ASLA are stewards and advocates not only for the land and its inhabitants, but also for the body of knowledge and experience that make of the profession and discipline of landscape architecture.”

– Ken Brooks, FASLA

“I am a member of ASLA because I can’t conceive of NOT being a member…ASLA is the organization that gives me a chance to become involved in shaping the future of the profession and in spreading awareness of landscape architecture. Through ASLA, landscape architects work together to have one voice on the issues important to us.”

– Sean Rotar, ASLA

“Being a member of the ASLA provides me with the information and connections that I need to do my work, as well as to get new work. Being actively involved in the ASLA has been incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally. In twenty-five years of membership, I have made friends and alliances in my Chapter, as well as across the country and around the globe. It's great for establishing a network and working on business development.”

– Susan Hatchell, FASLA

“I have maintained my membership even through the loss employment; as a part of something bigger than myself; it gave me the opportunity to stay connected to the profession."

– Pamela Hays Wright, ASLA



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