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The Community Service Award

The Community Service Award

Purpose: To recognize an individual landscape architect, group of landscape architects, landscape architecture firms, landscape architecture education programs, or ASLA Chapters who have provided sustained, pro bono service to the community demonstrating sound principles or values of landscape architecture.

Firm or Group Eligibility: Service must be performed by a landscape architecture firm or group of landscape architects and must be provided pro bono.

Individual Eligibility: Service must be performed by an individual landscape architect and must be provided pro bono.

Frequency: One award is given annually, either to an organization or an individual.

Nomination Process: Nominations may be made by an ASLA professional member or an ASLA chapter. Nominations are to be kept confidential. Nominees should not be made aware of their nominations or asked to participate in the preparation of their nomination materials.

All nominations must be submitted in a single black 1/2 inch view binder or emailed to honorsawards@asla.org by January 30, 2018, 5:00 p.m. EST.

Each nomination to include:

  • A letter of nomination describing the nominee’s qualifications for the award; the letter may be no more than five (5) pages in length. Include three (3) to four (4) images representing the nominee’s work (in high resolution, .jpg format). Project images should be at least 2000x1500px at 300ppi (pixels / inch). They may be larger but must have a minimum width of 2000px, minimum height of 1500px, and minimum pixel density of 300 pixels / inch (i.e. 2000x2500px at 300ppi, 3000x1500px at 300ppi, 2000x1500px at 600ppi would be acceptable images).
  • Photo of nominee(s).• Nominee images should be at least 1200x1200px at 300ppi (pixels / inch). They may be larger but must have a minimum width of 1200px, minimum height of 1200px, and minimum pixel density of 300 pixels / inch. 
  • Up to five (5) letters of endorsement.
Please send nomination packages to:
ASLA Community Service Award Nominations
c/o Terry Poltrack
636 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001-3736

Selection Process: The Executive Committee reviews all nominations and forwards no more than two nominees to the Board of Trustees (BOT) for final selection. The BOT selects the recipient by secret ballot during the Spring meeting. The recipient is notified by the president and invited to attend the ASLA Annual Meeting, held in the Fall,  where the award will be presented.

Questions? Contact Terry Poltrack, director, Public Relations and Communications, 202-216-7852
NOTE: Email subject line must read “ASLA COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD.” email honorsawards@asla.org


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