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Call for Papers and Posters: Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation (AHLP) Conference 2023

Date: 11/30/2022 - 1/16/2023

Type: Call for Papers / Submissions

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): Virginia


Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation (AHLP) Conference
Richmond , Virginia
May 24-27, 2023

The Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation (AHLP) is pleased to announce its 2023 annual meeting theme of Richmond on the James: Stories of Landscape Transformation to be held in Richmond, VA. We envision the Richmond meeting as a landscape dialogue/exploration that addresses, analyzes, and critiques contemporary issues of the urban cultural landscape.

We hope that most submissions will relate to these major topics: a) landscape legacies of suppression, enslavement, submersion, segregation and supremacy, and b) landscape treatment of disconnected/disrupted or racialized landscapes through contemporary landscape interventions, planning and design dialogues, and innovation. Accordingly, the following session themes serve as organizing principles for the 2023 sessions:

  • Indigenous Landscapes of Memory, Visibility, Intervention, and Preservation;
  • Racialized and other Culturally Distinct Contexts of the Historic Urban Landscape;
  • Culture and Context: Neighborhood and Transportation Networks Roles in Urban Landscape Connections;
  • Governmental Centers and Educational Institutions Expansion within Historic Urban Landscapes;
  • Historic Parks and Cemeteries: Questions of Equity in the Urban Landscape;
  • Re-inventing Industrial Rivers and Other Places of Work and Industry and their Environs; and
  • Who Controls the Landscape? Historic and Contemporary Factors of Finance and Regulation.





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