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Request for Expressions of Interest: Anchor Educational & Research Institution for Governors Island's Center for Climate Solutions

Date: 7/6/2021 - 9/29/2021

Type: RFPs / RFQs

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): New York


Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Trust for Governors Island have announced a bold step to address the climate crisis and cement New York City’s leadership in equitable climate action: a global competition to establish a leading institution dedicated to developing climate solutions on Governors Island, a 172-acre former military base located in the heart of New York Harbor. The Institution will anchor the Island’s Center for Climate Solutions, a cross-sector hub of educators, researchers, innovators, and advocates that will prepare New York City and cities around the world for climate change. Starting in New York and creating equitable solutions for cities across the world, the Center will help ready neighborhoods for climate change, grow well-paying green jobs for all New Yorkers, and create space for public awareness and dialogue.

The RFEI seeks an institution to lease land within 33 acres of development sites, and/or up to one million square feet of adaptive reuse opportunity available within historic buildings on Governors Island. The Trust and the City of New York have partnered to make available up to $150 million of capital funding that may be allocated to support this project.

In addition to advancing climate-related fields, respondents’ plans should make a positive contribution to Governors Island’s physical campus and existing community of partners and visitors, while creating broader opportunities for New Yorkers who already enjoy the island.





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