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Call for Nominations for the 2021 Renewable Natural Resources Foundation Awards Program

Date: 1/12/2021 - 6/1/2021

Type: Competitions / Awards

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): US


RNRF has three annual awards to recognize outstanding achievements in the renewable natural resources fields. Two of the awards, established in 1992, were the first to honor interdisciplinary achievements with an emphasis on the application of sound scientific practices in managing and conserving renewable natural resources.

The Sustained Achievement Award recognizes a long-term contribution and commitment to the protection and conservation of natural resources by an individual.

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes a project, publication, piece of legislation, or similar concrete accomplishment that occurred during the three years prior to nomination for the award.

The Excellence in Journalism Award honors and encourages excellence in print journalism about natural resources. The award recognizes work by an individual, group, or organization for both print and digital media.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!


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