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Dorothea Dix Park Rocky Branch Enhancement Project- City of Raleigh, NC

Date: 1/8/2021 - 2/12/2021

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LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): US


The City of Raleigh is seeking a multi-disciplinary team with significant experience in stream restoration, from assessment through construction closeout, and with landfill assessment, closure, and reuse design. A key component of this scope is to evaluate the feasibility of the vision proposed in the adopted Dorothea Dix Park Master Plan for the Creek and Landfill landscapes with an innovative and coordinated approach.

The Dorothea Dix Park Rocky Branch Enhancement Project will provide the information needed to inform the restoration and potential realignment of the approximately 5,400 linear ft of Rocky Branch, a 303(d) impaired waterway that runs through Dorothea Dix Park, AND the re-design of the area including and adjacent to a closed pre-regulatory landfill. This study will include a review of the park Master Plan, review of plans and projects that will influence this study, review of past studies and data on and around the study area, a stream condition assessment, a soil/waste assessment of the closed pre-regulatory landfill along the southern stream bank, and conceptual design and assessment for a land bridge. This work will then inform the development and evaluation of stream restoration alternatives, a land re-use and waste-management plan, a green stormwater management plan, as well as educational and outreach opportunities.





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