Become a Landscape Architect

Introduce a Girl to Landscape Architecture

Expo(Left to right: Green Trees and Sam: The Landscape Architect, Green Green: A Community Gardening Story, A is for Aquifer, Emma Wants to Be a Landscape Architect. Image Layout: Ali Hay, ASLA)  

National ASLA invites ASLA Chapters to spark "Girl Power" with STEM Literacy by Design. 

Intended for elementary school girls, Literacy by Design will encourage young girls to explore landscape architecture using fun, poetic, and colorful stories about adventurous girls who find their passion, courage, and "girl power" in the great outdoors. 

STEM literacy education allows readers to grow in their understanding of themselves, their communities, and the world, and "girl power" promotes the importance of self-esteem for young girls and women. 

This special initiative of ASLA Career Discovery and Diversity promotes STEM literacy education while introducing young girls to the design of outdoor spaces with natural environments.

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What is a STEM literacy-based design event?

The goal of ASLA's STEM Literacy by Design program is to host a Story Time reading using the featured children’s books, followed by a design charrette that incorporates key themes, STEM concepts, and picture vocabulary found in each book. Chapter Champions will determine the design activity. 

How does STEM Literacy by Design work?

National ASLA is inviting all 49 chapters to host a STEM Literacy by Design event with their local elementary school. Additional groups could include girl-themed STEM programs, Girl Scouts, library groups, or afterschool groups.

What is required of ASLA Chapters?

  • Each ASLA Chapter will identify 1-2 champions to organize the event.
  • Chapter Champions will identify one local elementary school or group and invite them to be part of ASLA’s STEM Literacy by Design program.
  • Chapter Champions will work together with their school contact to identify a date and student group.
  • Participating chapters will receive one copy of all four books and instructional tips on STEM literacy. 
  • Interested chapters must sign up to participate while supplies last. You do not need to have your school group confirmed at the time of sign up.

Which books will be featured? 

Featured texts include the children’s books listed below. All books were written and published by ASLA members.

  • A is for Aquifer by Ann English, ASLA
  • Emma's Dream Job: Landscape Architecture by Xiao Cui, ASLA
  • Green Green: A Community Gardening Story by Baldev Lamba, ASLA and Marie Lamba 
  • Sam The Landscape Architect by Shannon Gapp, ASLA, Bolton & Menk 

Don’t miss this opportunity to help promote STEM literacy education as we inspire early learning with landscape architecture!  

Need help getting started? Access the STEM Literacy by Design Guide (pdf) and instructional video with Arnaldo Cardona, ASLA to make the most of your event.

This special project of ASLA Career Discovery and Diversity would not be possible without the support of generous sponsors listed below.

  • Anonymous Donor
  • Barbara Fles
  • Boston, Mass & Maine ASLA
  • CA Sierra ASLA
  • Confluence, Inc.
  • Connecticut ASLA
  • Iowa ASLA
  • Landscape Forms
  • Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.
  • Nathaniel Byro
  • Ney Your Upstate ASLA
  • Ohio Chapter
  • Paige Bernhardt
  • Texas ASLA
  • Vermont ASLA
  • Virginia ASLA
  • Wendy Miller

Please direct questions to Lisa J. Jennings, Senior Manager, Career Discovery and Diversity, at 


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