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Annually, ASLA will support ten women of color on their journey to become licensed by providing funds to cover the full cost of each section of the LARE, as well as exam preparation assistance and resources.

For this program, each participant will belong to a cohort that will last two years. Their cohort journey will require interaction with an assigned mentor and engaged participation through provided resources and workshops as they prepare for each of the four LARE exams.

ASLA will also provide free access to its current portfolio of ASLA LARE Exam prep resources, including the newly recorded virtual webinars produced for each section of the exam. Each participant will be allowed one total exam retake. All exams must be passed within the 2-year timeframe.

There are many benefits to licensure, including its documented propensity to drive wage parity. A recent report by The Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing report found that among highly complex, technical fields, a license narrows the gender-driven wage gap by about a third and the race-driven wage gap by about half. Specifically, in highly technical professions, after becoming licensed, racial minorities saw an 8.1% wage increase, compared to a 2.9 percent wage increase for whites. Additionally, women experienced a 6.1 percent wage increase after becoming licensed compared to a 0.7 percent wage increase for men.


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