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Chapter Presidents Council (CPC)

Chapter Presidents Council (CPC)

The Chapter Presidents Council was formed in 1979, with the first gathering in 1985.

The CPC is serves as a resource for chapter leaders, providing opportunities for training, networking with other chapter leaders, and introduction to ASLA national leadership and staff.

The Council is led by member volunteers serving as the CPC Chair and Chair-Elect; the Chair-Elect is appointed by the incoming ASLA President.

The CPC meets multiple times per-year; once in-person at the Conference on Landscape Architecture, then virtually throughout the year (winter, spring and summer).  The meeting agenda is a mix of chapter discussion/best practice sharing and ASLA national business. The goals for each CPC meeting are:

  • Learn from each other
  • Gain inspiration
  • Brag – share your chapter successes
  • And, fellowship 

 The ASLA Vice President of Membership is the direct liaison between the CPC and the ASLA's Executive Committee. 




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