What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape Architecture. Explained.

Do you ever wish you could explain your career with a website? You can now. With the beginning of the public awareness campaign on 08.17.11, launched as a new interactive website to introduce the public to all that landscape architects do.

Arrows lead visitors through the design process from start to finish, explaining all perspectives along the way. The site even features a video of a landscape architect  walking them through the design process.

The website builds off what the visitor might already know or presents a field they may have never heard of. Designing a Landscape Architect, the education section, offers a quick how to on becoming a landscape architect, whereas the collaboration section (Design with Others) shows how landscape architects work with allied professionals. Designing Awesome stresses the real solutions landscape architects offer as part of their skill set. 

As the awareness campaign progresses, this website will serve as a resource for years to come and should be shared with potential clients, future students, and anyone looking to learn more about this no-longer-misunderstood profession. The site more than successfully captures all the interdisciplinary elements and the diversity within the design process, and more importantly does so in a way that people will enjoy reading. 

Bookmark now and keep the success going by sharing the site with whomever you encounter.


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