ASLA Council of Fellows Nominations

Diane Jones Allen, FASLA, is elevated to the Council of Fellows during the Council of Fellows Investiture Dinner at the ASLA 2019 Conference on Landscape Architecture in San Diego / EPNAC

ASLA Council of Fellows Dinner, Philadelphia / EPNAC

ASLA COF Eligibility & Deadlines


To be considered for nomination for elevation to the ASLA Council of Fellows, an individual must:

  • Be a current ASLA Full Member or International Member in good standing
  • Have achieved at least 10 continuous years of FULL membership at the time of nomination.
  • Have demonstrated exceptional contributions over an extended period of time.
  • Have made a significant positive impact on the public and the profession.
  • Have received recognition for those contributions from multiple sources.

Nominations may be made by the executive committee of a chapter, the executive committee of ASLA, or the executive committee of the Council of Fellows in one of four categories:

Any member of ASLA may recommend another eligible ASLA member for consideration as a nominee to the three groups mentioned above via written documentation highlighting the member’s accomplishments.

Schedules & Deadlines

The call for 2024 nominations is now closed. The 2025 cycle will open in October 2024.  Lists of eligible members will be sent to the chapters in early summer.

 Address any correspondence to:

ASLA Council of Fellows Nominations
Attn: Curt Millay, Corporate Secretary
636 Eye St. NW
Washington, DC 20001


Nomination Guidelines

  • There is no minimum or maximum number of individuals who may be selected by the jury for elevation to the Council of Fellows each year.
  • There is no limit to the number of individuals a chapter, the Council of Fellows executive committee, or the ASLA executive committee may nominate each year and nominating more or fewer individuals does not affect the outcome.
  • Nominees do not compete with each other for selection. Selection is based solely on professional excellence and outstanding accomplishments as presented in the nominations.
  • An individual may be nominated in up to two categories, but two separate nominations must be submitted, one for each category.
  • Chapters must adhere to the national eligibility requirements when selecting individuals to nominate and may not impose additional requirements upon potential nominees, such as requiring they be licensed or currently active in the chapter.
  • A member may only be nominated for three consecutive years. If not selected during that period, a two-year break is required before the member may be nominated again.
  • An initial screening of nomination materials is performed to ensure that all eligibility criteria had been followed and all submission requirements have been met. The submitting body will be asked to revise the materials to meet the criteria before the nomination will be considered by the jury.
  • When a nominee is selected, ASLA retains possession of all nomination materials and rights to their usage in conjunction with the Council of Fellows program.


Honors & Awards:
Carolyn Mitchell 
Manager, Honors & Awards

Council of Fellows:
Curt Millay, ASLA
Corporate Secretary