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2022 Matt Arnn, PLA, ASLA
Matt Arnn, PLA, ASLA
Matt Arnn, PLA, ASLA

Matt Arnn, PLA, ASLA

A particularly satisfying aspect of my work is celebrating the role of our next generation of landscape architects as integral in defining the character of our national forests and grasslands, a sense of place, through what we build, where we build and how we maintain our sites. We are really only borrowing these public lands, and so it’s critical for younger professionals to help set a framework for their use. ‑ Matt Arnn, PLA, ASLA


Matt Arnn, ASLA, is the U.S. Forest Service’s Chief Landscape Architect, providing professional leadership to the agency’s 120+ landscape architects practicing on over 190 million acres of National Forests and Grasslands. He assists in planning, design and administration of 10 National Monuments, 22 National Recreation Areas, and 11 National Scenic Areas. Within the Forest Service, he provides training to numerous landscape architects and other environmental and technical disciplines. Before joining the Forest Service, Arnn was a practicing landscape architect in New York City with Lee Weintraub Landscape Architecture, and a founding partner with iSTUDIO Architects in Washington, DC. Arnn holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in landscape architecture, urban design, and planning from the University of Texas, Austin; The City College of New York; and the University of Virginia - School of Architecture.

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