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2019 Kimberlee Douglas
Kimberlee Douglas

Kimberlee Douglas

Community Service Award - Individual:
Kimberlee Douglas

"[Kimberlee] sees in the design profession that we have the opportunity to not only create beautiful spaces, but to wield our talent, experience, and time to make such spaces possible and accessible for all communities, including those that do not have the financial resources that would otherwise be needed to engage in a professional design and construction process"

-Nominator, Susan K. Weiler, FASLA

Kimberlee believes that each project must be considered not only for its natural systems, but for its social, historic, and economic impacts as well. She founded the award-winning firm STUDIO GAEA, where her commitment to inclusive design has driven pro-bono work on major community-oriented projects like Philadelphia's Titan Park Master Plan and the conceptual Master Plan for the city's George W. Nebbinger Elementary School. Kimberlee currently serves as director of the Landscape Architecture Program at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson’s Lab for Urban + Social Innovation (LUSI). Kimberly has helped shape the Lab as a mechanism for uniting communities through innovative initiatives, such as the “Park in a Truck” (PiaT) project she co-created. Kimberlee also serves co-chair of the Architecture Construction Engineering (ACE) Legacy Project Committee, works with the Community Design Collaborative, and is an Associate with the Environmental Leadership Program which promotes and encourages new leaders in the environmental field.

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