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2009 Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal
Dennis J. Day, FASLA
Winterbottom, Daniel

 The Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal is awarded to an individual who has made a sustained and significant contribution to landscape architecture education.

Dennis J. Day, FASLA, professor of landscape architecture at Kansas State University, will receive the Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal for his sustained and significant contributions to landscape architecture education. Day taught landscape architecture construction for more than 40 years with an unequaled command of the subject and unfailing sense of purpose, insight, and integrity. Thousands of students have been the benefactors of his simple and effective teaching techniques built on self-discovery and self-realization, and find themselves owning a great technical advantage when they enter the workplace. When he retired at the end of the 2008 school year, Day stepped up his applied research in stormwater issues. Through these efforts, he keeps in contact with his students by involving them in his work and providing real-world experience.

Read the nomination letter by William P. Winslow III, FASLA;
supporting letters by Dennis L. Law, FASLA; students at Kansas State University; and Alton A. Barnes Jr., FASLA; bio; and articles.


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