General Design Category

Award of Excellence

Palm Springs Downtown Park

Palm Springs, California, United States
Client: City of Palm Springs

Palm Springs Downtown Park is an inviting 1.5-acre urban oasis for residents and visitors to Palm Springs, a design-forward desert destination nestled along the base of the San Jacinto Mountains along the southwestern boundary of the Coachella Valley in California's Sonoran Desert. The park lies in the ancestral homeland of the Agua Caliente band of the Cahuilla people who seasonally migrated between the shady palm groves and meltwater creeks of mountain canyons in summer and the hot springs and temperate climate of the valley floor in winter. The park is also located on the historic site of Nellie Coffman’s Desert Inn. An early booster of Palm Springs, Coffman stressed the space, stillness, solitude, and simplicity of Palm Springs. Nellie’s “four S’s” would inspire the park’s design, which amplifies the intrinsic qualities of this extraordinary place to immerse visitors in the multisensory beauty of the desert and celebrate Palm Springs’ legacy as a destination for health, nature, and pleasure seekers. The park is made up of three spaces: the Palm Grove, the Outcrop, and the Theater.

Honor Awards

10,000 SUNS: Highway to Park Project

Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Domino Park

Brooklyn, New York, United States
James Corner Field Operations
Client: Two Trees Management

From Brownfield to Green Anchor in the Assembly Square District

Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
Client: Mass General Brigham

Riverfront Spokane

Spokane, WA, United States
Berger Partnership
Client: Spokane Parks and Recreation

West Pond: Living Shoreline

Brooklyn and Queens, New York, United States
Dirtworks Landscape Architecture P.C
Client: Jamaica Bay Rockaway Parks Conservancy and National Park Service

Residential Design Category

Award of Excellence

Edwin M. Lee Apartments

San Francisco, CA, United States
GLS Landscape | Architecture
Client: Chinatown Community Development Center and Swords to Plowshares

In San Francisco, where access to shared community space can be scarce, Edwin M. Lee Apartments provides a verdant park-like landscape, 120 units of affordable housing, and ground-floor resident services for low-income families and veterans. It is the first combined veteran and family housing development in the city, and stands as a sustainable and resilient housing model for integrated communities. It is designed to significantly reduce veteran homelessness while fostering a multi-generational, multi-ethnic community with direct and accessible access to nature. It is a fitting prototype, highlighting the importance of direct connection to nature and sustainable technologies in the newly emerging neighborhood of Mission Bay on the site of the former San Francisco railyards, just a few blocks from the growing UCSF campus. The project is named in honor of the 43rd mayor of San Francisco, the late Edwin M. Lee, a civil rights attorney and defender of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy who adopted President Obama’s Mayors’ Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness.

Honor Awards

Coast Ridge Residence

Portola Valley, California, United States
Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture

Crest Apartments, A Restorative Parallel for Supportive Housing

Van Nuys, California, United States
Tina Chee
SWA Group
Client: Skid Row Housing Trust

Quarry House

Park City, Utah, United States
Design Workshop, Inc.


Santa Cruz, California, United States
Ground Studio

Urban Design Category

Award of Excellence

HOPE SF: Rebuild Potrero

San Francisco, CA, United States
GLS Landscape | Architecture
Client: BRIDGE Housing

In rapidly densifying San Francisco, on an extraordinarily steep site with dramatic views, Rebuild Potrero is reinventing public housing while providing vulnerable citizens a refuge from displacement. 606 units of aging public housing are being replaced by a denser and more diverse mix of housing types. The 38-acre neighborhood will have a unique open space network of terraces, sloping parks, community services and streets linked together by landscaped staircases carved from the south-facing serpentine slopes of Potrero Hill. A reconnected street grid supporting higher densities and dramatic views will replace the low density suburban plan, which has left the neighborhood socially and physically isolated from the adjacent historic working class neighborhood, transit and services.

A crucial component of the project is the commitment to maintain community. By carefully phasing construction, current residents will not be relocated off site at any time during the process. The first phase of housing has been built, and was occupied in Spring 2019.

Honor Awards

Denny Regrade Campus

Seattle, Washington, United States
Site Workshop
Client: Amazon, Inc.

Midtown Park

Houston, Texas, United States
Design Workshop, Inc.
Client: Midtown Redevelopment Authority

Shirley Chisholm State Park

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
Client: New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Analysis and Planning Category

Honor Awards

Accelerating Rural Recovery and Resilience: The Pollocksville Community Floodprint

Pollocksville, North Carolina, United States of America
NC State University Coastal Dynamics Design Lab
Client: Town of Pollocksville, North Carolina

Connecting People and Landscape: Integrating Cultural Landscapes, Climate Resiliency, and Growth Management in the Low Country

Beaufort County, South Carolina, United States
Design Workshop, Inc.
Client: Beaufort County and Beaufort County Rural and Critical Lands Preservation Program

Moakley Park Resilience Plan

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Stoss Landscape Urbanism
Client: City of Boston

Preparing the Ground: Restorative Justice on Portland's Interstate 5

Portland, Oregon, United States
ZGF Architects
Client: Oregon Department of Transportation

Reimage Nature and Inclusion for Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Design Workshop, Inc.
Client: Salt Lake City Public Lands Department

Research Category

Honor Awards

Alabama Meadows

Auburn, Alabama, United States
Emily Knox
David Hill

Soilless Soils: Investigation of Recycled Color-Mixed Glass in Engineered Soils

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Client: U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

Communications Category

Honor Awards

Open Space Master Plan, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

New York City, New York, 5 Boroughs
Grain Collective Landscape Architecture & Urban Design PLLC
Client: New Yory City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

The Landmark Award

The Landmark Award

Crissy Field: An Enduring Transformation

San Francisco, California, United States
Hargreaves Jones
Client: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Since opening in 2001, Crissy Field has become an iconic destination in San Francisco for over 1 million visitors each year. The dramatic site at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge was historically tidal marsh, then filled for the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition, later occupied by the U.S. Army, and finally transferred to the National Park Service – at that time, a neglected site comprised of 45 acres of asphalt, miles of chain link fence, and abandoned buildings.

The design transformed the site into a 100-acre national park, the first urban park in the system, and restored 44 acres of habitat, including an 18-acre tidal marsh. Its design challenges notions of urban wilderness as an either/or proposition, creating a hybrid space in which both cultural and ecological systems thrive, immersing visitors in a reestablished tidal marsh, coastal dune field and a restored grass airfield. This vibrant urban park attracts hikers, bikers, runners, windsurfers, paragliders, dogwalkers, school groups and families from the Bay Area and across the globe.