Imagine the Barracks of Pion: Developing the Edge of the Park of Versailles

Versailles, FR
Zheming Cai, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Michel Desvigne, Inessa Hansch
Harvard University Graduate School of Design

While the preservation of historical landmarks has been made feasible and codified through organizations such as National Park Services and UNESCO, we sense the need of new approaches for commemoration. One may question the viability and the value of any act of preservation today due to the accelerated and contested nature of our society. How can we preserve the immaterial cultural significance and the sense of place through designing and preserving the physical environment? The project of developing Barracks of Pion, a formal military site at the edge of the Park of Versailles, attempts to provide critical conservation in urban development from a landscape perspective, in which the genius loci and the historical significance are articulated to support the understanding of the past, the present and the future.


Walk Into the Sea

Boston, MA | Zhi Wang, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Suzanne Mathew Associate ASLA; Michael Blier ASLA; Nick Depace; Colgate Searle, FASLA
Rhode Island School of Design

Deconstructing Hydrologies: Reviving the Memory of Water in Dumbarton Oaks Park

Washington, DC | Elizabeth Anderson, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Thaïsa Way, ASLA; Ken Yocom, John Findlay
University of Washington

Borderless Landscapes of Control

Toronto, ON | Rui Felix, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Alissa North
University of Toronto

For the Rest

San Francisco, CA | Maria Landoni de Rose, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: David Meyer, ASLA
University of California Berkeley



Within the Frame: The Countryside as a City

Boston, MA | Carly Augustine, Student Affiliate; Nicolas Lee, Student Affiliate | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Christopher Lee, Simon Whittle
Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Valley Families: Between Fog and Flood

Crownpoint, NM | Diana Gruberg, Associate ASLA and Chunlan Zeng, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Laurie Olin, FASLA; Tony Atkin; Abdallah Tabet; Gavin Riggall
University of Pennsylvania



Rethinking Taj Heritage Corridor: A River as Historic Connection

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India | Peichen Hao, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Rahul Mehrotra
Harvard Graduate School of Design

Locates between Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, this proposal on Taj Heritage Corridor aims to reestablish the image of riverfront that was destroyed during the problematic reclamation project in 2002-2003. By creating a recreational water treatment canal along the original river bank, a landscape urban infrastructure is proposed to visually connect the city's scattered historic riverfront monuments and create public space for both tourists and local community. With a full respect of the silently mild image on Yamuna River in Agra, the design proposed an educational space that highlights the inherent dialogue between environment and history. Through analysis in different scales with the understanding of extreme site conditions, political background, and feasibility potentials, the design demonstrates the strong capacity of landscape intervention in resolving the complex contradiction between modernity and historic environment conservation.


Confronting the Present: Towards a Civic Realm on Beirut’s Urban Fringe

Beirut, Lebanon | Logan Littlefield, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Georges Farhat
University of Toronto


Cape Cod, MA | Jia Joy Hu, Student ASLA; Clementine Jang, Student ASLA; Michelle Shofet, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Luis Callejas
Harvard Graduate School of Design

After Steel – Toward an Industrial Evolution

Hamilton, ON, Canada | Robert McIntosh, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Alissa North
University of Toronto

Fallow Ground | Future City

New Orleans, LA | Margaret Baldwin, Student ASLA; Hannah Barefoot, Student ASLA; Alexandra Dimitri, Student ASLA; Jennifer Livingston, Student ASLA; Mary McCall, Student ASLA; Lucy McFadden, Student ASLA; Margaret Plumb, Associate ASLA; Scott Shinton, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Julie Bargmann
University of Virginia

Productive Conservation: Utilizing Landscape Ecology and Precision Agriculture Towards Land-Water Conservation

Mexico City Region | Sourav Kumar Biswas, Student ASLA; Flavio Sciaraffia, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Adriana Chavez
Harvard Graduate School of Design



Landscapes of Longevity

Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; and Loma Linda, California | Asa Eslocker, Assoc. ASLA; Harriett Jameson, Assoc. ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Michael Lee, PhD
University of Virginia

With 70 million Americans retiring over the next decade, it is essential for landscape architects to explore how we can more effectively design our communities to engender healthy aging. Equally important, politicians, executives, health-care professionals, and citizens need a medium for comprehending the vital links among our public places, daily routines, and holistic well-being.
Landscapes of Longevity investigates three landscapes of extraordinarily high life-expectancy—Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; and Loma Linda, California; through the narratives of the healthy seniors in them. Along with spatial documentation, students interviewed 60+ seniors and shadowed their routines to research and analyze the characteristics of these cultural landscapes where seniors live happy, healthy, and independently. The documentary film is a dynamic exploration of the potential of film and narrative - as research and communication tools - to speak to designers and general audiences of the fundamental connection between healthy public landscapes and a healthy public.


PLOT: A Student-Edited Journal of Landscape Architecture

New York, NY | Damon Arrington, Student ASLA; James Carroll, Student ASLA; Jonathan Crocca, Student ASLA; Ivy Harrison, Student ASLA; Andrew Joseph, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Catherine Seavitt Nordenson, ASLA
The City College of New York



Counterordinance: A Manifesto on Maintenance

Somerville, MA | Cali Pfaff, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Jane Hutton
Harvard Graduate School of Design

Grounding Root System Architecture

Charlottesville, VA | Gwendolyn McGinn, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Julie Bargmann
University of Virginia



Reverse Engineering: Reconfiguring the Creek-Campus Interface

Chicago, IL | Sarah Grajdura, Tianyu He, Fernanda Maciel, Mari Mensa, Pongsakorn Suppakittpaisarn, Student ASLA; John Whalen, Student ASLA; Qiran Zhang, Student ASLA; | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Tawab Hlimi
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Fire Circle and Stargazing Platform at Goose Island State Park

Rockport, TX | Ruihua Cai, Rachel Duggan, Student ASLA; Katherine Eastman, Student ASLA; Jamie Epley, Thomas Johnston, Teng Li, Kuan Liu, Celine Pinto, Luke Stevenson, Huiming Zuo | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Coleman Coker
University of Texas at Austin | Client: Texas Parks and Wildlife



Landscapes of Justice: Redefining the Prison Environment

Mitchellville, IA | Katie Hamerlinck, Student ASLA, Tim Buescher, Student ASLA, Austin Javellana, Student ASLA, Lauren Iversen, Student ASLA, Tara Bounds, Student ASLA, Jacob Brouillette, Student ASLA, Madison Dierks, Student ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisor: Julie Stevens, ASLA
Iowa State University | Client: Iowa Department of Corrections

Prisons are dichotomous spaces. Intended to both punish and heal, a prison possesses unique challenges in fostering behavioral change in people while maintaining security. To change the prison environment is to change the identity of prisons. This project, at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women in Mitchellville, Iowa aims to change perceptions of the prison environment and how it functions.

Through collaboration with the Iowa Department of Corrections and student design teams, a student-designed master plan has provided the backbone for a multiyear project to redefine the prison environment. By integrating the landscape into the daily lives of offenders and correctional personnel, this project sets the precedent for sustainable and therapeutic design within corrections. Furthermore, the collaboration exemplifies student and professional relations for similar projects to follow. Finally, by addressing the prison environment, we as designers, are providing the benefits of designed landscapes to an overlooked population.


Ghana International Design Studio: Playtime in Africa

Accra, Ghana | Jared Kaelin, Assoc. ASLA; Briana Outlaw, Student ASLA; Manpreet Kaur, Student ASLA; Rachel Wilson, Assoc. ASLA; Todgi Dozier, Student ASLA; James Mitch Caldwell, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Kofi Boone, ASLA
North Carolina State University | Client: Mmofra Foundation

Starkville Public Library 'read' Garden

Starkville, MS | Travis Crabtree, Student ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisor: Cory Gallo; Brian Templeton, ASLA
Mississippi State University

Kintsugi Garden: The Meaning of Mending

Seattle, WA | Biruk Belay Yoseph, Assoc ASLA; Janice Chen, Assoc. ASLA; Cami Culbertson, Assoc. ASLA; Ann Dinthongsal, Assoc. ASLA; Lindsey Gadbois, Assoc. ASLA; Alyse Wright, Assoc. ASLA; Shih-Chia Chiu, Student ASLA; Machiyo Fujii, Student ASLA; Graham Golbuff, Student ASLA; Shu-Kuei Hsu, Assoc. ASLA; Shaoxuan Zhou, Student ASLA; Xiaoyang Zhu, Student ASLA | Undergraduate / Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Daniel Winterbottom, FASLA; Jeremy Watson
University of Washington