General Design Category

Award of Excellence

Colón: Collective Strategies for a Regenerative Waterfront

Carolina A. Jaimes, Assoc. ASLA, Graduate, Florida International University

Faculty Advisor: Gianno Feoli

The interest behind this research is the role of Individual Perception and Collective Space in highly complex urban environments, particularly the relationships between culture and the built environment and their impacts on society with a special interest in the role of the young population.

Award of Excellence

Operative Platform

Hansol Kang, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Faculty Advisors: Gary Hilderbrand, FASLA, David Mah, Miho Mazereeuw and Chris Reed, ASLA

The project provides a vision for an urbanization process that integrates plant nurseries operations and practices as its main structuring system. The project aims to project a novel mode of urbanism that is framed by a productive ecology and integrates a more systematic proposal for a time based dynamic urbanization process.

Honor Awards

The Digital Evolution of Warfare: Protocol for Landscape Manipulation

Kunkook Bae, Student ASLA; Ellen Garrett, Student ASLA; and Connie Migliazzo, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Faculty Advisors:Pierre Bélanger, ASLA and Niall Kirkwood, FASLA

Growing Pier 68: Landscapes of Accretion

Michal Kapitulnik, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of California, Berkeley
Faculty Advisor: Judith Stilgenbauer

The Flux City: Reframing Willet’s Point

Chuhan Zhang, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Faculty Advisor: David Mah


Chelsea Andersson, Student ASLA; Olivia Bennett, Student ASLA; and Bradley Wells, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry
Faculty Advisors: Jamie Vanucchi and Martin Hogue

Rewilding City Park

Chad Caletka, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, Louisiana State University
Faculty Advisors: Van Cox, FASLA and Lake Douglas, ASLA

Residential Design Category

Honor Awards

DESERT FARMING MOISTURIZER — Transition from Dry Lands to Domingo Eco-Community

Jun Zhou, Student ASLA, Graduate,University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisors: Greg Burrell, ASLA and Laurie Olin, FASLA

Asylum Air Pupa in the Landscape

Zhinian Dong, Student Affiliate ASLA; Changlin Fan, Student Affiliate ASLA; Hongxia Wang, Student Affiliate ASLA; Yiding Wang,Student Affiliate ASLA; and Chao Zhou, Student Affiliate ASLA, Undergraduate, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and Tsinghua University
Faculty Advisor: Liuting Chen

Analysis and Planning Category

Award of Excellence

Mining as Demining

Xiaoxuan Lu, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Faculty Advisor: Pierre Bélanger, ASLA

The project poses a new linkage between resource extraction and post-war metal cycling economies, strengthening a livelihood that heals a war-scarred landscape. It proposes a strategy of ‘demining bombs through mining gold.’ The bomb-impregnated landscape of Laos, which has 80 million unexploded bombs left over from the Vietnam War, is seen as an opportunity to rethink the processes of mining.

Honor Awards

Slip District: Chicago's Testing Ground for Water Industry

Nina Chase, Assoc. ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Faculty Advisor: Philip Enquist ASLA, FAIA

Dismantle/Rebuild: A New Framework for Willets Point

Melissa S. How, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Faculty Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw

Off the Reservation: A Seed for Change

Meghan Storm, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisor: Ellen Neises

Microcosm of America

Joshua Brooks, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, Lousianna State University
Faculty Advisors: Lake Douglas; Van Cox; and Bruce Sharkey

Communications Category

Honor Awards

Walk Raleigh — Guerrilla Wayfinding

Matt Tomasulo, Student ASLA, Graduate, North Carolina State University
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Campanella

See Different, Think Different, Draw Different

Wei Chen, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisors: Valerio Morabito and Karen O. Lutsky

Biotrash: The Video Game, App and Interactive Website

Leann Andrews, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of Washington
Faculty Advisor: Nicole Huber

Research Category

Honor Awards

Network-Landscapes — New Control Options for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Alexander Dunkel, Student ASLA, Graduate,University of California, Berkeley
Faculty Advisors:Dr. Mona El Khafif; Dr. Catrin Schmidt; and Judith Stilgenbauer

Community Service

Honor Awards

Escuela Ecologica Saludable Initiative: Parque Primaria Pitagoras

Leann Andrews, Student ASLA and Jonathan Jue, Assoc. ASLA, Undergraduate / Graduate, University of Washington
Faculty Advisors: Benjamin Spencer and Susan Bolton

Student Collaboration

Award of Excellence


Anna Christy, Student ASLA; Kyle Fiano, Student ASLA and Erica Mackenzie, Assoc. ASLA, Undergraduate, Arizona State University

Faculty Advisor:Kim Steele

Peritoneum reflects the collaboration of interdisciplinary students employing their respective talents to build a temporary shade structure for a plaza space on a university campus. The undulating blue structure evokes a calming, cooling environment, and captivates others by its daring interpretation of typical shade structures.

Honor Awards

Bayou Commons: A New Urban District on Houston’s Buffalo Bayou

Victor Perez Amado, Student Affiliate ASLA; Alex Atherton, Student Affiliate ASLA and Anna Cawrse, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design, and University of Colorado — Boulder
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Thibodeau