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PPN Networking: LinkedIn Use

Each PPN has its own LinkedIn group. In addition, members who join a PPN LinkedIn group will automatically join the ASLA Professional Practice Networks group. This larger group is for discussions of interest to multiple PPNs, and also is the place where ASLA staff will post announcements and opportunities of interest to members. NotePPN listservs are to be used primarily as a tool for a PPN chair or staff to notify an entire PPN of important upcoming events and announcements. Communications to a PPN that are generated by a member should be made via the PPN’s LinkedIn group.

Joining a PPN LinkedIn group
To join a PPN LinkedIn group, follow the appropriate link below. Please note that you can customize your LinkedIn group experience, and we urge you to sign up for notification of new discussions, new posts, and occasional (maximum one per week) email messages from staff or PPN chairs. For more information on the use of PPN LinkedIn groups, see LinkedIn Instructions.


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Campus Planning and Design

Children’s Outdoor Environments


Digital Technology

Healthcare and Therapeutic Design

Historic Preservation and Historic American Landscapes Survey

Housing and Community Design   

International Practice

Landscape Architecture & Transportation

Landscape/Land Use Planning

Parks and Recreation

Planting Design

Reclamation and Restoration

Residential Landscape Architecture

Sustainable Design and Development

Urban Design

Water Conservation

Women in Landscape Architecture



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