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Documented Historic Landscapes

Since HALS was established in 2000 to document our country's dynamic landscapes, much progress has been made in identifying and documenting historically significant designed and vernacular cultural landscapes. As documentation is submitted, the full list of HALS sites continues to grow. At the start of 2014, information on more than 450 sites was accessible on the Library of Congress’ website. There are more than 600 sites on the current list.

Below are a selection of documented HALS sites from across the United States that focus on a shared theme or feature, with links to the selected landscapes' documentation on the Library of Congress’ website. This page will be updated periodically to highlight different themes.

HALS Highlights:

HALS Challenge Winners

Since 2010, landscape architecture preservation enthusiasts from every state have been challenged to complete at least one HALS short format history to increase awareness of particular cultural landscapes. The 2014 HALS Challenge, Documenting Landscapes of the New Deal, received 47 entries—the most ever. The winners and the theme for the next Challenge are announced at the Annual Meeting. Here are the HALS Challenge winners from years past:

2014: Documenting Landscapes of the New Deal

1st Place: Allegheny National Forest, CCC Camp ANF-1, HALS PA-25
Duhring, PA
by Ann E. Komara, ASLA, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, with assistance from Susan Martino, Jennifer L. Thomas, et al – MLA Students, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado Denver

2nd Place: Mount Tamalpais State Park, The Mountain Theater, HALS CA-107
Mill Valley, CA
by Douglas Nelson, ASLA, Principal, RHAA Landscape Architects

3rd Place: Mount Greylock State Reservation, HALS MA-2
Lanesborough, MA
by Pamela Hartford, Jean Cavanaugh, Allison Crosbie, ASLA, & Marion Pressley, FASLA, Pressley Associates Landscape Architecture/Site Planning/Urban Design

2013: Documenting the Cultural Landscapes of Women

1st Place: Gaiety Hollow, HALS OR-5
Salem, OR
by Laurie Matthews

2nd Place: The Arizona Inn, HALS AZ-9
Tucson, AZ
by Gina Chorover, Jennifer Levstik, and Helen Erickson with University of Arizona Student Researchers: Jae Anderson, Crystal Cheek, and Ryan Sasso

3rd Place: Gypsy Camp for Girls, HALS AR-5
Siloam Springs, AR
by Benjamin Stinnett and Kimball Erdman

2012: Documenting the American Latino Landscape

1st Place: Mission San Francisco de Asís, HALS CA-83
San Francisco, CA
by Denise Bradley

2nd Place: El Tiradito, HALS AZ-8
Tucson, AZ
by Barry Price Steinbrecher

3rd Place: Exemplary Communal Effort of the HALS Northern California Chapter to document 16 of the California Missions, HALS CA-66; 71-75; & 79-88
California Statewide by contributing members of The HALS Northern California Chapter: April Philips, Cate Bainton, Cathy Garrett, Chris Pattillo, Denise Bradley, Douglas Nelson, Elva Gomez, Holly Peterson, Janet Gracyk, Jill Johnson, Joseph Culberg-McClung, Kerri Liljegren, Larkin Owens, Libby Simon, Linda Van Fossen, Reed Dillingham, Robert Nicolais, Sarah Raube, and Theresa Brunner

2011: Celebrating Cultural Landscapes of Diversity

1st Place: Fairview Cemetery, HALS NM-6
Albuquerque, NM
by William A. Dodge and Sarah R. Payne

2nd Place: Bush Stadium, HALS IN-6
Indianapolis, IN
by Ball State University Students: Kyle J. Boot, Austin Blomeke, Ethan Coverstone, Benjamin Doane, Brian Grover, Eric James, and Ashley Williams; with Faculty: Christopher Baas and Geralyn M. Strecker

3rd Place (TIE): Rohwer Relocation Center Cemetery, HALS AR-4
Rohwer, AR
by Kimball Erdman

Emancipation Park, HALS TX-7
Houston, TX
by Steph McDougal

2010: Revisiting Cultural Landscapes of Childhood

1st Place: Glen Echo Park, HALS MD-17
Glen Echo, MD
by Virginia Tech Team - Nicholas Colombo, Seth Estep, Luke Van Belleghem, and Professor Paul Kelsch

2nd Place: Enchanted Forest, HALS OR-4
Turner, OR
by Cathleen Corlett and Jean Senechal Biggs 

3rd Place: Sonoma Traintown Railroad, HALS CA-61
Sonoma, CA
by Janet Gracyk