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Incorporating SITES into Policy and Regulation

Pease Park Conservancy.  

Municipalities often face challenges in implementing landscape development regulations—even more so when they seek to integrate sustainable and resilient design strategies into those regulations. Towns and cities searching for a clear, replicable and verifiable approach to sustainable land development are increasingly incorporating SITES certification for sustainable land design and development into their regulatory toolbox.

As institutions and government entities across the world turn their focus to sustainability, resilience and decarbonization strategies, landscapes are a powerful resource to support biodiversity, reduce risk from natural hazards and climate change impacts, reduce urban heat island effects, conserve water, and provide access to community spaces that improve human health and well-being.

A new resource, "Designing the Future: Incorporating SITES Into Sustainable Landscape Regulations," documents the progress made in order to provide ideas and inspiration for other institutions seeking to reinforce their own sustainability policies, and to assist the landscape architects in envisioning charting a course toward that future.

Download the resource.

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