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Cultivating Sustainable Landscapes: The Impact of the SITES Community Partner Network

SITES Gold certified Dell Medical District - University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas, ©Esto

The SITES Community Partner network comprises a diverse group of more than 70 organizations and individuals committed to advancing healthy ecosystems through high-performance landscapes. These partners play a pivotal role in building awareness and driving the adoption of sustainable practices within their respective communities. While these organizations cover multiple disciplines, they share a common tool in their work fostering healthy ecosystems: SITES certification.

SITES provides a comprehensive framework for designing, developing and managing sustainable and resilient landscapes and other outdoor spaces. The ideal tool to support nature-positive design, SITES certification has a track record that's earned it an important place in the rapidly evolving ESG reporting world as a standard of leading commitment.

SITES Community Partners are dedicated to developing landscapes that ecologically thrive while enriching the lives of those who inhabit them. Does your organization use SITES to pursue biodiversity and healthy ecosystem development? Consider joining the network.

Learn how some of the Community Partners use SITES across multiple disciplines.

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