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Dear LAREy: Where Do I Start in Preparing for the L.A.R.E.?

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Dear LAREy,

I’m beginning to prepare to sit for my Landscape Architecture Registration Exam. Where do I start and what are the best resources? I want to maximize my study time and get through the process as soon as possible.
Anonymous L.A.R.E. Candidate

Dear Anonymous L.A.R.E. Candidate,

Congratulations on beginning your preparation for the L.A.R.E. This process can be separated into three steps:

  1. Determine Eligibility
  2. Choose Exam based on strengths and Exam administration dates.
  3. Identify Study Materials

Determine Eligibility

Check your state’s eligibility requirements by visiting the Council of Landscape Architect’s Registration Board (CLARB) website. Your state may require you to be authorized by the licensing board prior to registering for an exam at CLARB, but the vast majority of states do not require licensing board approval to sit for the exams. If you do need approval, allow sufficient time, at least a few months, to complete the state pre-approval process. Meanwhile, you’ll be using this time preparing for the exam while waiting for your state approval.

Choose Exam Based upon Strengths and Exam Administration Dates
The CLARB website has complete descriptions of the L.A.R.E. exams and the dates offered.

  • Inventory, Analysis and Project Management
  • Planning and Design
  • Construction Documentation and Administration
  • Grading, Drainage, and Storm Water Management

Make sure you read the L.A.R.E. Orientation Guide and FAQ’s to help you choose which exam best fits your strengths.

Identify Study Materials
CLARB has a list of recommended readings. Also, explore the ASLA LARE Prep website for additional resources.

Using these three steps will provide a good understanding of the L.A.R.E. process and provide a guide on how to successfully obtain your Landscape Architecture License.


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