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ASLA 2023 EXPO Sponsor Spotlight: Forms+Surfaces

Cyrca Security Bollards / Forms+Surfaces

Cyrca Security Bollards, the newest addition to the F+S Security Bollard line, were on display in our booth last month at the ASLA 2023 EXPO in Minneapolis. To those you who stopped by and met Cyrca in person – thank you! For a quick refresh, and for those of you who weren’t able to join us, here’s a look at this highly versatile fixture.

Cyrca M30-P1/K4 Security Bollards provide robust protection, ambient lighting, and a sleek design that integrates into a wide range of settings. Featuring durable stainless steel construction, it’s a beautiful, hardworking choice for public spaces requiring M30-P1/K4 rated security protection.

Cyrca M30-P1/K4 Security Bollards are available in illuminated and non-illuminated variations. Both have embedded security cores and can use either of two mounting styles: deep set or shallow mount. All fixtures are 40" high x 9.25" dia.

Illuminated bollards have a tubular stainless steel column, frosted acrylic lens, stainless steel cap, and Cree® LEDs in 3000K warm white or 4000K neutral white. The light output isn’t overpowering and is ideal for properties wanting to bolster the visibility of a site, add visual interest, and/or assist with wayfinding needs. Upward lumen output is less than 5%.

Non-illuminated bollards have a polished stainless steel ring in place of the frosted acrylic lens—a detail that brings a refined finish to the design.

Four cap designs (Rift shown here) readily coordinate with different aesthetics and architectural styles.

Rounding out Cyrca’s potential: illuminated and non-illuminated bollards are also available in non-security variations. In addition, optional powdercoat finishes in standard or custom colors can be a great way to align with site-specific branding or color themes.

Whichever configuration you choose, Cyrca M30-P1/K4 Security Bollards make it easy to meet a diversity of needs. To learn more about Cyrca and the Forms+Surfaces Security Bollard program, visit

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