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Communicating with the Public About Landscape Architecture

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To build public understanding of the profession and its value, we need a public conversation that brings into view what landscape architects do, how they do it, and why this matters for all of us. 

Landscape architects can use a specific framing strategy—a way of talking about landscape architecture—that can help people recognize its importance.

By focusing on the big idea—landscape architecture engages and benefits people—landscape architects can:

  • Overcome the core misunderstandings people have about landscape architecture
  • Build better understanding of what the profession entails
  • Help people see the importance of supporting the profession
  • Place landscape architects at the center of projects that involve outdoor spaces

This research was conducted by the FrameWorks Institute over a two-year period and sponsored by:

At the ASLA 2023 Conference on Landscape Architecture, members learned about the FrameWorks Institute's two-year research study on public perceptions of landscape architecture, which involved 4,700 people.

Now, ASLA has created a comprehensive section on just for members:

There, you can:

Watch a 1-hour overview from the FrameWorks Institute on how to communicate with the public.

Their four key recommendations:

1) Paint a vivid picture of how landscape architecture directly benefits people and communities.
2) Appeal to the value of community cohesion to reinforce the value of the field.
3) Explain how landscape architects use their expertise in design to build a better world.
4) Offer strategic examples of your work.  

Read a 20-page report: Putting People at the Center: Reframing Landscape Architecture for Maximum Impact

And also delve into a 20-page research appendix with additional findings.

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