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ASLA Conference Attendees are Carbon Conscious

Image: Quarry Garden 2020 ASLA Professional Awards

Nearly 25% of Full Conference registrants have donated to a fund that will reduce the carbon footprint of the Conference

In the spirit of this year’s Conference theme—Scale Up—ASLA has decided to step up its commitment to decarbonization by partnering with Green Minneapolis to help offset the carbon footprint of the ASLA 2023 Conference on Landscape Architecture. And after 13 days that conference registration has been available, nearly a quarter of Full Conference registrants have donated to ASLA’s carbon offset initiative. After paying for their full conference registration fee, ASLA members are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the conference by contributing $35. Every $35 contribution will purchase one credit, offsetting one metric ton of CO2.

Green Minneapolis, in partnership with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, has completed the first urban tree carbon offset project in Minnesota, part of the Twin Cities Climate Resiliency Initiative. This program supports the planting and maintenance of trees in underserved communities with low tree canopy coverage. Through City Forest Credits, a national nonprofit carbon registry, the project has achieved third-party verification for the first issuance of carbon credits. This project includes 23,755 city trees planted by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board from 2019 to 2021.

In addition to the carbon sequestered by the trees, the project also quantifies rainfall interception, air quality improvements and energy savings achieved by the trees. To learn more, see project details.

This year’s conference will afford attendees to Scale Up their professional growth—an opportunity to garner new insights and tools that will advance their continuing education, and help them build their practice and business—with 137 sessions that include education sessions, field sessions, deep dive sessions and LARE prep sessions.

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