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Kickstart the ASLA Gender Equity Task Force Speaker Series on March 9!

Join us for ASLA's Gender Speaker Series! image provided by ASLA

Closing the Gender Equity Gap, Advocacy in the Workplace
Thursday, March 9
2:00 - 3:30 pm Eastern (3:00 - 3:30 pm - small group discussion)

REGISTER HERE - Join us. Learn to advocate for yourself and for larger, impactful changes to workplace culture and employment benefits.

The ASLA Gender Equity Task Force is a recently formed leadership group addressing gender equity issues in the profession of landscape architecture. Formed in response to an ASLA member town hall, which specifically covered unique challenges facing young women in the profession, the task force is focused on making real change by creating resources and safe spaces for all genders to discuss gender equity challenges in the workplace. We will convene women, men, and all gender identities through a quarterly speaker series to share stories, resources, and advocacy tools for any individual. Forge the career path you want and be afforded the same opportunities without gender influencing workplace decisions.

The ASLA Gender Equity Task Force members include:

  • Emily O’Mahoney, FASLA, President
  • Wendy Miller, FASLA, Co-Chair (President, 2019-2020)
  • Jeanne Lukenda, ASLA, Co-Chair (Vice President of Communications, 2019-2022)
  • Monique Bassey, ASLA, Vice President of Communications
  • SuLin Kotowicz, FASLA, President-Elect
  • Joy Kuebler, ASLA, Vice President of Government Affairs
  • Ebru Ozer, ASLA, Vice President of Education
  • Sami Sikanas, Landscape Architectural Designer, Marvel

We extend an open invitation to participate in our first webinar of the series, highlighting the role of human resources in the workplace. Learn how to be an advocate for yourself and for larger, impactful changes to office culture and employee benefits. Hear firsthand experiences from practitioners who are making changes in their work places through employee-driven initiatives and setting off on their own.

Jeanne Lukenda, ASLA
, Gender Equity Task Force Co-Chair, Executive Director, Resilient Great Lakes
David Sanchez-Aguilera, HR Program Manager, Puzzle HR
Sami Sikanas, ASLA, Landscape Architectural Designer, Marvel
Ujijji Davis, Founder, JIMA Studio


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