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Topos - Special Issue “Utopia” is Out Now!

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Topos, the International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, is a leading journal in its field. Special theme issues on topics such as healing landscapes, utopia, displacement or borders provide a global overview of new developments and trends in the profession and encourage readers to think out of the box.

The current special issue “Utopia” is out now. The contributions address the renewed relevance of utopian thinking given the urgency of global environmental challenges. Among the questions discussed are the following: What can visionary and experimental architecture, landscape design and city planning concepts of the past and present tell us about attempts to shape the future? Can we learn something from utopian and dystopian scenarios in fiction? How to design new urban or rural areas and new landscapes – especially when it comes to tackling the big challenges of our time, urbanization, climate change, digitalization, and dwindling resources? How is digitalization already changing the way we perceive the built and shaped environment?

Get a free preview of “Utopia” here – enjoy the read.

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