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TUUCI Equinox Cabanas



The innovative TUUCI Equinox Cabana effortlessly transforms any patio, poolside or outdoor landscape into open-air living rooms with made-to-order customization options.

Whether your vision is a poolside retreat or a cozy space to dine, TUUCI Equinox Cabanas will transform your landscape into an inviting shaded retreat. Choose from convenience features such as power outlets and lighting, comfort features such as ceiling fans and TV mounts, and privacy features such as additional trellis walls or TUUCI’s weatherproof TUFF-Skins fabrics. Every aspect of your design can be matched to bring your vision to life.

We welcome you to explore our collections and full line of products. You’ll quickly see that our intention is to share natural comfort in its most basic form – a cool place in the shade.

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