Bendway Park

Healdsburg, CA, USA | Eric Arneson, Student Affiliate ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisors: Heather Clendenin, Affiliate ASLA; Toni Bava; Mary Scott
Academy of Art University

FOGFEST - California Fog Collection Festival in Highway 1

Berkeley, CA, USA | Pablo Alfaro, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Richard Hindle
University of California, Berkeley

The Digital & The Wild: Mitigating Wildfire Risk Through Landscape Adaptations

Toronto, ON, Canada | Jordan Duke, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Liat Margolis, ASLA
University of Toronto

Urban Ecological Melody

Providence, RI, USA | CC (Qinhe) Qian, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Emily Vogler; Scheri Fultineer
Rhode Island School of Design



Residential Gardens as a Health Strategy in Impoverished Communities in Developing Countries: A Case Study in Iquitos, Peru

Seattle, WA, USA | Jorge Alarcon, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Ben Spencer
University of Washington

In recent years, the health disciplines have acknowledged the critical role of the environment, including landscape architecture, on human health. Poor environmental conditions become underlying causes for many health problems, and especially urban diseases of poverty in developing countries. Landscape architectural interventions can mitigate the burden on health and become a preventive and treatment health strategy. In the impoverished city of Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, residential backyards are neglected spaces that create and exacerbate health problems such as vector-borne diseases and parasitic infections. This project proposes a design framework for affordable and beautiful backyard gardens that address a multitude of health problems such as malnutrition, parasites, infectious, mosquito-borne, and air-borne diseases and provide numerous additional positive benefits for human and ecological health such as habitat creation, increased biodiversity, and improved mental, social and physical health and wellbeing. Replicating this framework at the urban scale and implementing as a health strategy may have a significant positive impact on human and ecological health.



Amphibious Culture: Harmonizing Between Life and Seasonally Flooded Forest

Bangkok, Provinces, Thailand | Panithan Kasinphila, Student Affiliate ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisors: Dr. Danai Thaitakoo, Ms. Ginggal Metchanum
Chulalongkorn University

Located in Nakhon Phanom province, northeast of Thailand, this proposal aims to reclaim and preserve Seasonally Flooded Forest that was trespassed and destroyed by charcoal industry and industrial agriculture since 1965. By restoring and conserving the seasonal flooded forest in area of Pak Yam village, a rural landscape is proposed to relink human to seasonally flooded forest which was harmonized between life and nature, to create the space for better quality of life and become Nakorn Panom's provincial tourist attraction, in terms of ecology and cultural landscape. Understanding this dynamic landscape that benefits positive effects toward human beings, Ecological Gateway to seasonally flooded forest, educational space between interface of seasonally flooded forest and Dry evergreen forest have been proposed to the area. Through analysis on seasonally flooded area, landscape character, vegetation, annually activities and site potential, adaptable design is the key for living on this area and symbolizing the awareness to other people.


Creating Sustainable Future of Mae Kha Canal in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Baton Rouge, LA, USA | Sunantana Nuanla-or, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: M. Austin Allen, ASLA
Louisiana State University

From Gold to Pearl: A Framework of Eco-friendly Industry Catalyzing River Revitalization

Chengdu, Sichuan, China | Pu Yu, Student Affiliate ASLA and Lan Luo, Student Affiliate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Xi Li; Chunyan Zhu; Yujue Zhou
Sichuan Agricultural University

Harnessing the Beating Heart: Living Systems Infrastructure on Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

Baton Rouge, LA, USA | William Baumgardner, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Forbes Lipschitz, ASLA; Kathleen Bogaski, ASLA
Louisiana State University

The Vermilion Corridor: Rediscovering the Waterways of Southern Louisiana

Lafayette, LA, USA | Alexander Morvant, Associate ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisors: Lake Douglas, ASLA; Forbes Lipschitz, ASLA; Bruce Sharky, FASLA
Louisiana State University

PHYTO-Industry: Reinvigorating the North Vancouver Waterfront through a phased remediation process

Toronto, ON, Canada | Shan Yang, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Pete North
University of Toronto

Sifting the Landscape: Transforming Vacant Lands through Smart Decline

College Station, TX, USA | Yuxian Li, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Galen D. Newman, ASLA
Texas A&M University



Feasibility Study of the Integration of Epiphytes in Designed Landscapes

San Luis Obispo, CA, USA | Brandon Cornejo, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: David J. Watts, ASLA
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Landscape architects are the designers of a brilliant amount of surfaces. There is distinction, however, between surfaces’ abilities to foster plant life. The first major distinction divides landscape surfaces into hardscapes and softscapes. Traditionally, hardscapes, in comparison to softscapes which are comprised of soils or soil-like media for plant life, have not been designed to host plant life. Epiphytes, plants with the ability to grow without soil, however, could bring life to hardscapes where traditional planted systems have not thrived. This project contextualizes epiphytes for the landscape architect by describing elemental epiphyte relationships and preliminarily exploring the feasibility of hardscape materials as hosts for a representative epiphytic plant, the rabbit’s foot fern. A better understanding of epiphyte relationships, can facilitate future human developments as suitable hosts for epiphytes. Increased opportunities for biodiversity through the use of epiphytes can improve the dynamism and resilience of integrated landscape systems in the built environment.


Flowers in Crannied Walls: An Elementary Schoolyard Redesign

Pendleton, IN, USA | Taylor D Metz, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Dave Ferguson, ASLA
Ball State University



Porous Public Space: People + Rainwater + Cities

Pacifica, CA, USA | Roxanne Lee, Associates ASLA; James Wohlers, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Nancy Rottle, FASLA; Louise Grassov
University of Washington

South Dakota Transect: 44 Degrees North

Sioux Falls, SD, USA | Thomas Schneider, Student Affiliate ASLA; Carter Roberts, Student Affiliate ASLA; Rachel Drietz, Student Affiliate ASLA; Erika Roeber, Student Affiliate ASLA; Kyle Franta, Student Affiliate ASLA; Caleb Tschetter, Student ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisor: Kevin Benham
South Dakota State University

Ground Up Journal Issue 5: Delineations

Oakland, CA, USA | Erica Althans-Schmidt, Student ASLA; Cristina Bejarano, Student ASLA; Wesley Cogan, Student ASLA; Michelle Hook, Student ASLA; Dave Koo, Student ASLA; Kate Lenahan, Student ASLA; Yang Liu, Student ASLA; Wan-chi Luo, Associate ASLA; Kathleen O’Leary, Student ASLA; Gene Stroman, Student ASLA; Story Wiggins, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Karl Kullmann
University of California, Berkeley

Dan Kiley Landscapes in Bartholomew County, Indiana and Planting Typologies at the Miller Garden and North Christian Church

University Park, PA, USA | Zhen Tong, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Ron Henderson, FASLA; Maria Debije Counts
The Pennsylvania State University



GrowingChange Prison Flip: Reclaiming an Abandoned Prison Site

Wagram, NC, USA | Juana Gibson, Student ASLA; Kyle Semon, Student Affiliate ASLA; Josh Leab, Associate ASLA; Beth Faragan, Associate ASLA; Pei Chi Huang, Student ASLA; Sarah Walters, Student ASLA; Manpreet Kaur, Student ASLA; Yushan Ji, Student ASLA | Graduate and Undergraduate | Faculty Advisor: Dr. Celen Pasalar
North Carolina State University | Client/Owner: GrowingChange

Neighborhood Detox: Enhancing Resilience in a Hazard Vulnerable Area

College Station, TX, USA | Yangdi Wang, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Galen D. Newman, ASLA
Texas A&M University



Bridging Disciplines/Cultivating Health: Using a collaborative international community design/build model to facilitate mental health treatment

Seattle, WA, USA | Hiroki Baba, Student ASLA; Wyatt Hoffman, Student Affiliate ASLA; Fern Huynh Student ASLA; Youngsuk Jun, Student ASLA; Gina Esther Kim, Student ASLA; Jacqueline Kim, Student ASLA; Yae Lee, Student ASLA; Aryuna Poselenova, Associate ASLA; Xinyuan Shen, Student ASLA; Royce Utterback, Student ASLA; Dian Zhang, Associate ASLA; Jianghezi Alexis Zheng, Student ASLA; Jennifer Rowe; Caroline Smith, Student ASLA; Katherine Shrosbree, Student ASLA; Tim Lehman, Student ASLA; Tyler Brittain, Student ASLA; Tiffany Wong, Student ASLA; Hayden Tauscher, Student ASLA; Nicol Nakakura | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Daniel Winterbottom, FASLA; Iva Dika; Stanko Stergarsek; Luka Jelusic; Serna Krtak
University of Washington | Client/Owner: Rab Psychiatric Hospital

Seeding Sideyards

Champaign, IL, USA | Carlos Flores, Associate ASLA; Dongying Li, Student ASLA; Fatemeh Saeidi-Rizi, Associate ASLA; Mamata Guragain, Student ASLA; Pongsakorr Suppakittpaisarn, Student ASLA; Xiangrong Jiang, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Willian C. Sullivan, ASLA
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Client/Owner: City of Philadelphia