Virginia Deregulation Effort a Harbinger of More Threats to Licensure?  --  2011-12-06
Senate Committee Passes Transportation Bill With Weakened TE Program-ASLA Working To Restore Dedicated Funding  --  2011-11-14
Paul Amendment Defeated  --  2011-11-01
McCain Amendment to Gut Transportation Enhancements Program Defeated  --  2011-10-19
ASLA Announces 2012 Chapter Licensure and Advocacy Grants  --  2011-09-14
ASLA Urges a Comprehensive View of Infrastructure When Considering Jobs Bill  --  2011-09-09
Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Opportunity-$67 Million Available in 2011  --  2011-06-22
Congress Passes Spending Bill for Fiscal Year 2011  --  2011-04-14
Huge Response to Call for EPA Case Studies  --  2011-04-07
Rep. Sires Reintroduces Urban Revitalization and Livable Communities Act (HR 709) in 112th Congress  --  2011-04-06


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