General Design Category

Award of Excellence

Dredge City: Sediment Catalysis

Matthew Moffitt, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, Pennsylvania State University

Faculty Advisor: Sean Burkholder

Unprecedented levels of nutrients currently trigger toxic algae blooms and elicit Lake Erie as a restoration success story. The remediation and re-use of nutrient-laden dredge material are essential strategies within future restoration efforts. Dredge City: sediment catalysis proposes the use of Edison Park in Toledo, Ohio as the site for both the processing of and exposure to sediment gouged from the Toledo Shipping Channel, the greatest producer of material within the Great Lakes system.

Honor Awards

50,000 Trees

Sarah Moos, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of California, Berkeley
Faculty Advisor: Judith Stilgenbauer, ASLA

Future Hopley: Hutano, Mvura, Miti

Leonardo Robleto Costante, Assoc. ASLA, Graduate, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisors: David Gouverneur and Thabor Lennelye

The Horizontal Dike

Yongjun Jo, Student ASLA, and Kyungkun Lee, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisor: Karen M'Closkey, ASLA

Sand Flows | Oyster Forms

Dasha Lebedeva, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of Virginia
Faculty Advisors: Kristina Hill and Kathleen John-Alder, ASLA

Aqua Delta

Stephanie Hsia, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Faculty Advisors:Zaneta Hong and Gary Hilderbrand, FASLA

Migrating Beyond Boundaries

Caitlin Squier-Roper, Student ASLA and Chunlan Zeng, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisors: Anuradha Mathur, Dilip da Cunha and Ron Gross

Preservation As Provocation: Redefining Tourism

Zheming Cai, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, Purdue University
Faculty Advisors: Ann Hildner, ASLA; David Barbarash, ASLA; and Kenneth Schuettle

Concrete Habitat Units

Evan Lee, Student ASA; George Kutnar, Student ASLA; Joshua Leyva, Student ASLA; Kevin Finch, Student ASLA; Nabyl Marcias, Student ASLA; Natasha Harkison, Student ASLA; and Kenny Sperling, Assoc. ASLA, Undergraduate, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
Faculty Advisors: Andrew Wilcox, ALSA and Lori Pullman

Residential Design Category

Award of Excellence

Paths of Life- Rethink the Relationship Between Different Agriculture Landscapes and Community Life

Yitian Zhao, Student ALSA and Siyu Tian, Student ASLA, Graduate, University of Pennsylvania

Faculty Advisors: Laurie Olin, FASLA, Tony Atkin, Gavin Riggall, and Katy Martini

Because of the very unique climate and landform in New Mexico, the traditional pueblo life style is deeply relying on the understanding and exploiting of local landscape. However, contemporary residential development in this area is somehow ignored such kind of relationship. This project rethought and applied the traditional understanding of agriculture landscape into the contemporary residential development design.

Analysis and Planning Category

Award of Excellence

Natural Water as Cultural Water / A 30 Year Plan for Wabash River Corridor in Lafayette

Daniel (Zhicheng) Xu, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, Purdue University

Faculty Advisor: Sean Michael Rotar, ASLA

The project seeks to find the balancing point between culture and nature along the Wabash River in Lafayette, Indiana, which is currently underappreciated because of flooding, vacancy and disconnection. The design solution is an embodiment of cultural representation and technology of stormwater management in order to achieve ecological and social resilience. With potential for spontaneous use and dynamic programing, the site can transform into a sustainable infrastructure with a cultural identity that provides active waterfront experience.

Honor Awards

The Overlapped City

Chen Chen, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Faculty Advisors: Philipp Oswalt and Theo Daulinger

PROVIDENCE DIGS_ Designing Infrastructural Soil for Grounded Urbanism

Samantha Dabney, Assoc. ASLA, Graduate, Rhode Island School of Design
Faculty Advisors: Michael Blier, ASLA; James Heroux, ASLA; and Nadine Gerdts

Re-transforming Landscape at the Arroyo Seco Confluence

Yingjun Hu, Assoc. ASLA, Graduate, University of Southern California
Faculty Advisors: Ying-Yu Hung, ASLA; Robert Harris, Hon. ASLA; and Charles Dwyer

Longhorn: in Defense of Change

Andrew Doyle, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, Lousianna State University
Faculty Advisors: Lake Douglas, ASLA and Van Cox, FASLA

Designing for Resilience: Reshaping Purdue University's Campus for an Ecologically Sound Future

Camille Mahan, Assoc. ASLA and Lana Merrill, Student ASLA Undergraduate, Purdue University
Faculty Advisor: Paul Siciliano

Communications Category

Award of Excellence

Above Below Beyond

Diana Fernandez, Assoc. ASLA; Susan Kolber, Student Affiliate ASLA; and Amy Syverson, Assoc. ASLA, Undergraduate, Temple University and University of Pennsylvania

Faculty Advisors: Stuart Appel, FASLA; Lolly Tai, FASLA; Julie Beckman; and Ariel Genadt

Through a six-week open exhibit and the distribution of an “Exhibit Catalog,” Above Below Beyond has helped to spread the word about the potential of Philadelphia’s Reading Railroad as a public, regenerative space. Landscape architecture and architecture student work provided site context, graphic imaging, and programmatic scenarios. By sharing the often-untapped resource of student work with the public, we helped to start conversations about the future of this amazing railroad.

Honor Awards

GROUND UP Issue 02: Grit

Cacena Campbell, Student ASLA; Miriam Eason, Student Affiliate ASLA; Jenika Florence, Student ASLA; Anne Hansel, Student ASLA; Erik Jensen, Student ASLA; Robin Kim, Student ASLA; Lauren Hall Knight, Student ASLA; Steven Lee, Student ASLA; Kevin Lenhart, Student ASLA; Erica Nagy, Student ASLA; Daniel Prostak, Student ASLA; Justin Richardson, Student ASLA; Rebecca Sunter, Student ASLA; Tricia Tsuzuki, Student ASLA; Junice Uy, Student ASLA; and Monica Way, Student ASLA Graduate, University of California, Berkeley
Faculty Advisor: Karl Kullmann

Research Category

Honor Awards

GROUNDWORK: Primary Productivity in the Hudson River Estuary

Michael Frederick, Student ASLA; Samuel Kolb, Student ASLA; Curtis McMahon, Student ASLA; and Gena Morgis, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry
Faculty Advisors:Jamie Vanucci, Dan Reeder, and Susan Dieterlen

Community Service

Honor Awards

ShadeWorks: Designing and Building Community Shade in Bluff, UT

Matthew Annable, Student ASLA; Tara Abbaticchio, Student ASLA; Kenneth Biesiada, Student ASLA; Sarah Doyle, Assoc. ASLA; Molly Haberman, Student ASLA; Patrick Healy, Student ASLA; Jennifer Leach, Student ASLA; Gregory Laudenslager, Student ASLA; Kelley Price, Student ASLA; Jacob Rocamora, Student ASLA; Jessica Stonberg, Student ASLA; Caitlin Tamposi, Assoc. ASLA; Trevor Toms, Assoc. ASLA; Byungsun Yang, Assoc. ASLA; Ben Brehmer, Assoc. ASLA; Graduate, University of Colorado, Denver
Faculty Advisor: Heath Mizer, ASLA

Design Teach

Jesse Nicholson, Student ASLA; Travis North, Student ASLA; and Roana Tirado, Student ASLA, Graduate, Cornell University
Faculty Advisors: Peter Trowbridge, FASLA; Daniel Krall, ASLA; Paula Horrigan, ASLA; Marc Miller

Ichi-Go Ichi-E Garden Courtyard

Michael Carey, Assoc. ASLA; Jason Ceralde, Assoc. ASLA; Keriann Head, Assoc. ASLA; Talya ten Brink, Assoc. ASLA; Monica Thompson, Student ASLA; Helen Wilson, Student ASLA; and Wan Fong Wu, Assoc. ASLA, Undergraduate, University of Washington
Faculty Advisors: Iain Robertson, ASLA; Amy Wagenfeld; and Daniel Winterbottom, FASLA

Student Collaboration

Award of Excellence

Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum

Brad Allison, Assoc. ASLA; Jenifer Coogler, Assoc. ASLA; Kyle Cooper, Student ASLA; Kaitlyn Hackney, Assoc. ASLA; Owen Harris, Assoc. ASLA; Jerry Hill, Student ASLA; David Loyd, Assoc. ASLA; Simon Adam Martin, Assoc. ASLA; Austin Moore; Assoc. ASLA; Jacqueline Pionan, Student ASLA; Oliver Preus, Assoc. ASLA Undergraduate, Mississippi State University

Faculty Advisors:Brian Templeton, ASLA; Cory Gallo, ASLA; Wayne Wilkerson; Tim Schauwecker; Hans Hermann, Student ASLA; Justin Taylor; and Suzanne Powney

The submitted project is a 4-year, collaborative, design-build effort focused on the Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum. The site was re-envisioned as an enhancement to the museum to expand its programs and redefine its mission, which has allowed it to solidify itself as a cultural amenity within the community. With the concept of “Celebrating the Past while Embracing the Future” the site now displays the most diverse collection of integrated green infrastructure technologies within the region.

Honor Awards

METABOLIC CHANGE: Coastal Patterns of Human Settlement and Material Flow

Eric Roy, Student Affiliate ASLA and Matthew Seibert, Student ASLA, Graduate, Louisiana State University
Faculty Advisors: Bradley Cantrell, ASLA; John White; Kristi Dykema; and Jeff Carney

The Armory: Resilient Minneapolis by Design

Lauren Brown, Student Affiliate ASLA; Kevin Cunningham, Student ASLA; Kylie Harper, Assoc. ASLA; Derek Hoetmer, Assoc. ASLA; and Tyler Knott, Student Affiliate ASLA, Graduate, Kansas State University, University Kansas, and University of Missouri-Kansas City
Faculty Advisor: Jason Brody


Brett Berger, Student ASLA; Aaron Choi, Student Affiliate ASLA; Christine Phu, Student Affiliate ASLA; and Diego Valencia, Student ASLA, Undergraduate, Arizona State University
Faculty Advisor: Phillip Horton