Your Guide
Kaki Martin, ASLA

HarborArts is not to be missed. The mash-up of public art and working, industrial shipyard and marina is one of a kind. This is Boston: the other Boston, away from the gas lamps and red brick. It's the most fantastical outdoor gallery you will ever visit.

The brainchild of Steve Israel, HarborArts was founded in 2010. The 2-acre waterfront site hosts year-long art installations, including large sculptural works. To me it feels like walking into a Where’s Waldo? book, except you are hunting for art installations among the visual abundance of the industrial marine waterfront.

But it’s not just about the art. Mr. Israel founded the organization as way to demonstrate the power that public art can play in raising public awareness about various issues. In this case, the collection of art installations focus on marine conservation and the role our waterways play in the future of the planet.

In many ways, HarborArts is a great reminder about how lucky we are as landscape architects to be constantly thinking about such global issues as part of our daily professional lives.

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