Fenway / Kenmore

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Steve W September 16, 2013 11:22 AM
This map includes curious inclusions, odd omissions, and inaccurate labeling. Over all, it appears to have been assembled from afar using Google Maps. Plus, you've left off almost every feature of note in your accompanying description of the Back Bay Fens (Stony Brook gate house/visitor center, Duck House, Richardson bridges, Westland entrance). 1. Robert McBride House is by far the most curious choice for inclusion, as it's neither architecturally distinguished (nothing wrong with it, just nothing special about it) nor open to the general public. 2. No indication of Hynes or Kenmore stops on the Green Line, or Mass Ave or Ruggles stops on the Orange Line, all of which are important transportation facilities within the map boundaries. 3. Physically mis-aligned numbers: 1 (Fenway Park, which is just above and to the right of the number); 2 (Victory Gardens are across Park Drive) 4. No indication of various colleges/universities/conservatories?, including Northeastern, Berklee, NE Conservatory? No indication of Kenmore Square? This map does not match the quality of the discussion of the Back Bay Fens elsewhere in the guide. I'm a little nervous to look at other neighborhoods now...
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