East Boston Greenway

Your Guide
Kaki Martin, ASLA

Like many other urban open spaces, the East Boston Greenway succeeds by reclaiming a space that had been used for urban infrastructure, which in this case is the Conrail railroad corridor. Linking a series of East Boston open spaces (including Piers Park), the trail system, once completed, will include 12 acres of park land and 3.3 miles of multi-use pathway.
The Greenway operates at the neighborhood scale as a back yard for young children to safely ride bikes and play. It also operates at the city scale, enabling connections to transportation. As each additional segment comes on line, the Greenway becomes a great recreational asset and amenity at a more regional scale.

In keeping with East Boston’s remarkable legacy of advocating for open space, this project too would not have happened without groups such as The Friends of the East Boston Greenway or Boston Natural Areas Network.  Browne, Richardson and Rowe have designed three segments of the Greenway.

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