Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University

Established in 1872, the Arnold Arboretum, North America’s first public arboretum, is open daily to the public. There's no admission charge. Guided tours and self guided tours are available.

The land was deeded to Boston in 1882 and incorporated into the "Emerald Necklace." The city of Boston owns the site, and it's managed by Harvard University under a 1,000-year lease.

Today, the Arboretum is both a living museum dedicated to the study and appreciation of woody plants and a landscape enjoyed by all. Peters Hill, the highest point in the Emerald Necklace, provides a great view of the Boston skyline.

A range of designers and firms have worked on the Arboretum over the years, including Charles Sprague Sargent, Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., Charles Eliot, Henry Sargent Codman, H.H. Richardson, Arthur Asahel Shurcliff (Shurtleff), Sidney Nichols Shurcliff, and Sasaki Associates.

Learn more about the history of the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University.
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