Paul Revere House Plaza and North Square

The Paul Revere House Plaza (North Square) is a space unique to one of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods. The flow of pedestrians, guided in large part by the Freedom Trail, weaves in and out of large open public spaces and is then pinched through tight, historic side-streets and alleys.

The plaza directly in front of the Paul Revere House is no different. The atmosphere is quiet, noise from the adjacent streets is blocked by the density of the North End. No surprise then that this would be one of the first places where the North End’s visitors stop and regroup. Visitors are pushed out of a bottleneck of traffic and allowed to filter and meander freely. Freestanding wooden furniture, a planted historic rotary, and a triangular expanse of open, cobbled space give respite and accommodate the sort of circulation and activity that comes naturally to a tourist destination.

Please note: There is a small entry fee to tour the house. Construction in the courtyard of the house will be completed by Spring 2014.

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