Longfellow House

The Longfellow House on Brattle Street in Cambridge has a long history. Before Longfellow lived there, it was called the Vassall-Craigie House. Some tidbits:

The book American Genius, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by Libby Hughes and Marian R. Carlson speaks of Longfellow’s landlady, Mrs. Craigie: “Her late husband loved the situation of the house surrounded by 140 acres, sliding down to the Charles River with an unobstructed view.” Today, some trees and a monument to Longfellow are in the view but the open vista remains. 

In Cambridge Mass, the Changing of Landscape, Alan Emmet writes, “The Cambridge Plant and Garden Club and landscape architect Diane Kostal McGuire carried out a careful restoration of the garden at the house in the late 1850s with its box-edged, paisley-patterned beds centered on a sundial."

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